All the European themed areas offer catering typical of that country. In this way, park visitors can enjoy a wide variety of European food and drink in the restaurants, cafés, and snack stands.  With a central warehouse and connected prep kitchens, the operations in the park are supplied daily. In the Europa-Park hotels, guests have their choice of seven customarily equipped restaurants and four impressive hotel bars. Highlights include the Enoteca di Siena wine cellar at the Hotel Colosseo, and the rustic cloister cellar at the Hotel Santa Isabel. At the new four-star New England-style superior adventure hotel Bell Rock, the food service options are rounded out with the front cooking buffet restaurant, the a la carte restaurant, fine dining restaurant, as well as the Bar Africa, the Havana Lounge, and the Wine Cellar in the lighthouse.

In all the food service operations in Europa-Park (including hotels) there are more than 9,000 seats available to the guests (of that over 3,000 are out of doors).

Regional suppliers as well as international companies work closely with the Europa-Park food service department. The motto is "quality products, flexibility, and reliability."