Familie Mack Europa-Park

A family business with a long tradition

To this day, Europa-Park is still family-owned. The operating decisions made in recent decades are characterized by natural entrepreneurship, the weighing of market opportunities, and daring to follow new paths. The expansion of the hotel business into the largest hotel complex in Germany, the integration of the "Confertainment" concept into the park world, and the transformation into a resort for mini-vacations have shaped recent history. In addition to this diversification, particular value was placed on the careful expansion of the amusement park. New attractions, shows, and themed areas were updated year after year in the park.

Roland and Jürgen Mack

Roland Mack - Europa-Park

Roland Mack: Born in Freiburg in 1949, he studied mechanical engineering and created the idea for Europa-Park together with his father in the seventies. After spending time in the USA he developed the initial concept for the park. 

Over the next years he, his father Franz and brother Jürgen turned a day-trip destination into an international recreation enterprise. He has been active in the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA)  and as the first German its chairman.

Jürgen Mack - Europa-Park

Jürgen Mack: born in 1958 as the second son of Franz and Liesel Mack he studied economical engineering at the university in Karlsruhe.

After finishing his studies as industrial engineer in Karlsruhe, he joined the company as a managing partner in 1988. He is responsible for Human Resources, Finance and Controlling at Europa-Park. All major decisions are discussed and decided cooperatively, the way it should be in a truly family-operated company.


Michael and Thomas Mack - The Next Generation

Michael Mack Thomas Mack

Both have grown up at Europa-Park and have known the park from birth. It was clear early on that they would fill important roles after undergoing well-founded training.

Michael Mack graduated in International Business Management and completed his tri-national studies in the cities of Basel, Loerrach and Colmar. Various internships and study programs abroad took him to numerous theme parks. He has been a member of the executive board of Mack Rides GmbH & Co KG since 2005. He has further been responsible for Operations at the park, the design department Mack Solutions, Construction Management, IT, and strategic business development at Europa-Park as an authorised representative since 2007, and as Managing Director since 2016. He was appointed to the Board of Directors of the German association of Amusement Parks (VDFU) on February 13th 2008, followed by his induction into the European board of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAPAA) in January 2010. In 2015 Michael Mack became an associate of VR Coaster, a start-up integrating virtual worlds into the business segments of the family business. He was also awarded the 2016 CampdenFB award for “Top Next Generation Entrepreneur”.

Thomas Mack holds a degree as hotelier from the renowned Swiss Hotel Management School in Lucerne. Various study programs and internships abroad took him to numerous hotels, gastonomical businesses and theme parks worldwide. Thomas Mack has been responsible for the Hotel Resort, the Park and Event F&B department, as well as the Entertainment, Marketing, Confertainment, and Public Relations departments as an authorized representative since 2007, and as Managing Director since 2016.

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