Magic Cinema 4D: a new attraction for the season 2003


From April 2003 on, visitors of Germany´s largest theme park have the chance to travel into the 4th dimension. The new 448-seat 4-D theatre, opening at the beginning of the 2003 season in the French themed area, will be a spectacular attraction for the whole family.

Equipped with surround-sound and a gigantic screen measuring 19 x 9 meters, the "Magic Cinema 4D" will provide visitors with a different view of the Earth and its wildlife. In the film "Panda Vision?, visitors will meet a panda daydreaming of a better world. They will dive into the dream, encounter other animals and go on a wonderful expedition through the marvels of our Earth. The sea turtle will take the visitors into the depths of the ocean with its colourful reefs and the diverse flora and fauna. Children as well as adults will be thrilled by the little monkey that romps around the treetops of the jungle, swinging from branch to branch. Also the clear and icy landscape of the Antarctica with its jolly penguins and clumsy polar bears will fascinate everybody - in "Panda Vision? the visitors will surely be enchanted by the animal world and nature of our Earth.

In cooperation with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Germany), the world's biggest nature conservation organization, Europa-Park presents a fantastic voyage in 4-D through the natural wonders of our planet - colorful, memorable and full of surprises. With the help of advanced computer animation animals and landscapes, which "surround? the visitors and take them into another reality, have been created. The awareness of our environment is being improved by presenting it as something fascinating and great, but also showing that it is vulnerable and can be easily destroyed. A unique and breathtaking experience - welcome to the Fourth Dimension!

For companies the Confertainment Center also offers the possibility of using the new facility, with its state-of-the-art equipment, for meetings and conferences.

Europa-Park is open daily between 9 a. m. and 6 p. m. from April 5th  to November 9th, 2003 (longer opening hours during the peak season), and in winter from November 29th, 2003 to January 6th, 2004 (except December 24th and 25th).