Newly designed attraction at Europa-Park: Flight simulator becomes "Kamtschatka Airline Klub"


As of the beginning of the season 2003, the flight simulator "Taiga Shuttle? will be owned by a new Russian airline. Visitors of Europa-Park will be confused and thrilled by the newly designed attraction, when "Kamtschatka Airline Klub? takes them to the Russian island Kamtschatka. With unreliable flight personnel and a plane, which is anything but modern, the trip is doomed to fail from the very beginning. "Mission Schapka? invites the visitors of Europa-Park for the trip of their lives.

The trip is supposed to begin with a pleasant flight, accompanied by a well-trained pilot and an attractive, friendly stewardess. But already when entering the airport, the passengers will suspect dubious things: a strange atmosphere, wrecked expedition vehicles, a crashed plane, whining loudspeakers and old transport boxes welcome the passengers.

Apart from the run-down airport, the check-in and the flight cause more confusion. A passenger helping out in the cockpit is just too uncommon. The flight to Kamtschatka and the goodbye cause even more puzzlement. And those who think that it just can not get any worse, should not be too sure of that. The mission-crew of the Russian airline is not to be trusted. The KAK (Kamtschatka Airline Klub) gives its regards and wishes all passengers a pleasant flight.