Europa-Park Resort - a piece of Andalusia in the Upper Rhine Area: the Europa-Park hotels "El Andaluz" and "Castillo Alcazar"


As a result of the high and constantly rising number of overnight-stays at Europa-Park, the second hotel "Castillo Alcazar" was opened in addition to the Spanish adventure hotel "El Andaluz". Visitors approaching from the south will now recognize the "Castillo Alcazar", a medieval Spanish castle, from a distance. Clearly visible, the typical corner towers and battlements rise 33 metres into the sky.

The "Castillo Alcazar" opened its doors in April 1999, after a construction period of just eight months. Thus, the number of beds available at Europa-Park has risen from 777 to 1.250 in a short time. A total of 312 rooms, most of them furnished for families up to four persons, are available to the visitors now. As before, the capacity utilization is above-average (over 99 % in 2002). This proves, that further investments in order to increase the capacities will be necessary in the near fututure. The construction of a third hotel has therefore begun in January 2003. The trend towards stays of several days is undiminished, 200.000 guests stayed overnight in one of the Europa-Park hotels in 2002.

As soon as the guests enter the castle, they are taken back into a long forgotten time. The restaurant "Castillo" is situated on the ground floor and has a seating capacity of approximately 250 persons. With its high vaults, old ceiling beams, beautifully designed furniture and the exclusive interior design, it reminds the visitors of the times of knights and damsels. In this beautiful ambience, the hotel guests can enjoy the culinary specialities of Spanish cuisine.

112 rooms, which are furnished to suit families, and eight themed suites are located between the first and the ninth floor. The rooms and corridors are designed in a warm yellow and ochre, painted by means of a lavish sponge-and-wipe technique.

In order to offer the guests an unforgettable stay, rooms and furniture are designed in medieval simplicity. However, this simplicity is combined with enough modern luxury, so that the visitors will not miss a single convenience. For example, the Gothic beds in the hotel rooms are integrated into the brickwork. In addition, the furniture and doors are adorned with filigree traditional Spanish ornaments to emphasize the atmosphere of medieval times.

The suites on the ninth floor are named after famous Spanish personalities such as El Cid, Alfonso, Columbus, Bourbon, Karl V., Isabella and Cardinal Mendoza. The suites as well as other areas of the hotel are covered with mural paintings, matching the respective theme. Exquisite Spanish antiques underline the exclusive atmosphere.

But not only the special features of the building and the interior design of the hotel take our guests back into long forgotten times. When enjoying a drink in the "Buena Vista" bar, they can imagine how important the high location of a knight´s castle was for the lord of the castle. From high above, the guests have a breathtaking view of the River Rhine, the Vosges, the Black Forrest and of course Europa-Park. The hotel bar (135 m²) is divided into four themed parts: loft, gallery, fire place and library.

In 1995, the hotel "El Andaluz" was the first hotel to be opened in a German leisure park. Designed on the model of a large Spanish estate, a so-called finca, the architecture of the building, which combines classic Spanish styles with modern elements, is truly fascinating.

The large lobby in the main building with its glass roof creates a very sunny and warm atmosphere. And an enormous show-piece, a 850 kg chandelier, also contributes to the Spanish flair. The galleries, framing the lobby on three floors, are designed with elaborate pillars and arcs, as well as original Spanish properties, such  as wooden cabinets and iron gratings.

The conference rooms "Miguel de Cervantes" and "Alhambra", as well as the hotel bar "El Circo" are situated next to the lobby. Inside the bar, colourful circus designs are prevailing. For example, the ceiling resembles a circus tent and numerous motifs, such as clowns and artists, but also common showman designs are integrated into the room.

In the hotel restaurant "Don Quichotte", the guests can enjoy the prize-winning gastronomy of Europa-Park. Various Spanish specialities, a sumptuous breakfast buffet and our friendly service staff ensure that the guests will enjoy every bite at Europa-Park.

The shady arcades of the large inner court and the beautiful palm tree garden remind the guests of a southern European monastery. A heated outdoor pool, numerous waterworks, a fountain and benches are integrated into the lush tropical garden - and after sunset, gas torches cause a beautiful and romantic atmosphere.

In addition, the hotel guests can relax in the hotel-sauna and enjoy "El Pueblo del Agua?. This new "village of water? was opened in summer 2002. For the little guests, we offer breakfast with the Euromaus and a kid´s discotheque. Some attractions, such as the Tirolean Torrent Slide and the Fjord Rafting are opened before 9 a. m. exclusively for hotel guests and also taking an evening walk in the Spanish themed area is reserved to visitors who spend the night in one of the hotels.

For everybody who does not want to travel all the way to Spain, Europa-Park created a piece of southern Europe in the Upper Rhine area with the two adventure hotels "El Andaluz" and "Castillo Alcazar".