"Casa de Aventuras", the house of adventures, opens at the beginning of the season 2003 - games, fun and adventure in the new children's play-house at Europa-Park


From the beginning of the season 2003 on, Germany´s biggest leisure park offers its little guests the "Casa de Aventuras?, a fantastic and adventurous roofed playground, in the Spanish themed area.

Which child does not dream about romping around on a fun playground with all kinds of great possibilities to play? In the "Casa de Aventuras?, a 143 m² roofed playground, children can have boundless fun with totally new and exciting things to discover.

The "Casa de Aventuras? presents itself in the colours of the rainbow and is situated near the Europa-Park hotels "El Andaluz? and "Castillo Alcazar? in the Spanish themed area. The three levels hold many challenges and plenty of things to discover. Tubular slides, ramps, lookout points and countless balls will thrill the children´s hearts. Boundless fun - no matter how the weather is outside. Take off your shoes and get into the adventure. And the best thing is: adults have to stay outside!

For those children who stay overnight in the Hotel Resort, the new house of adventures will even be opened in the evening.

Europa-Park is open daily between 9 a. m. and 6 p. m. (longer opening hours  during peak season) from April 5th to November 9th, 2003. In winter, the park will open its doors from November 29th, 2003 to January 6th, 2004 (except December 24th/25th).