The gladiators are coming to Europa-Park - a battle between Romans and Tartars


Thrilling action, exciting stunts and funny gags are waiting for the visitors at the beginning of the season 2004 on April 3rd, when they are watching the "Gladiator-Show? in the Spanish Arena in Germany's biggest theme park. Over 500 years - from 200 BC until 300 AD - the shows in the amphitheater and circus were the most important leisure entertainment of the population in the Roman Empire. In the summer season 2004, visitors of Europa-Park have the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of ancient Rome and exert infuence on the spectacular games themselves.

The show is staged by Mario Luraschi, artist, master of horsemanship and movie hero from France. He is famous for his excellent work with horses. The 55 year old stuntman has already taken part in 416 movies. Among them "Winnetou", "Highlander III", "The Man in the Iron Mask", "The Three Musketeers" or recently "Blueberry?. For the start of the season 2004, the "horse whisperer? has rehearsed the battle between Roman gladiators and Tartars especially for Europa-Park with his "Chevaliers?.

The show in the Spanish Arena will fascinate the audience. A thrilling fight beween Tartars on horses and Roman gladiators, with a lot of spectacular action and also plenty of comedy,is awaiting the visitors.

The traditional gladiator games have their seeds in the fights that took place during the Etruscan funerals: in order to bring a human sacrifice, heavily armed prisoners of war had to duel themselves until one of them was dead. With their blood the spirit of the deceased was propiciated and the Gods were influenced to be merciful. In the course of time, the gladiator fights became more and more complex and were more and more organised in order to entertain the population. Many Roman politicians have financed the gladiator games in order to win elections by influencing the population.

Europa-Park is open daily from April 3rd until November 7th, 2004 from 9 am to 6 pm, longer opening hours the during peak season. Winter 2004/2005 from November 27th, 2004 until January 9th, 2005. For hotel reservations, please call +49 (0) 1805 - 86 86 20.