The "Colosseo" - a striking symbiosis of the ancient world and modern times: Europa-Park Resort has opened its third themed hotel


The Europa-Park Resort has been expanded by a new themed hotel this year. In addition to the two existing hotels "El Andaluz? and "Castillo Alcazar?, the new hotel "Colosseo? was built: Relaxing and enjoying the charming atmosphere of Italy - this is possible since June 1st in the new 4-star superior hotel "Colosseo?.
The exterior design of the "Colosseo? is modelled on different historical Italian styles. The architects succeeded in creating a modern interpretation of the historical Roman-Italian method of construction. The elaborate cladding of the hotel gives the guests a first impression of the Southern Italian atmosphere, which can be felt throughout the "Colosseo?.
The floor plan describes an open circle in the shape of an octagon. With its typical Italian stylistic elements, the façades of this octagon give the viewer an impression of an Italian scenery. A little bit of Florence, a little bit of Siena - this is Italy at Europa-Park. The inner courtyard - a "Piazza" with pavement cafés, bars and typical Italian restaurants - always bustles with activity. Its central point is dominated by an up to 30 metre high fountain - the "Anfiteatro dell'Acqua?, which is a unique interactive mulitmedia-show with water and light.
When sitting on the piazza, the visitors have a beautiful view of the splendid gallery, which is modelled on the ancient Coliseum. The unique combination of Roman-Italian architecture with the modern comforts of our times can also be seen inside the walls of the Coliseum, where a Roman bath with original fresco painting invites the guests to relax.

Traditional Roman architecture in the 21st century

Also the construction materials have been chosen according to the historical tradition of the former Roman Empire. Already the ancient Romans were acquainted with concrete. By using it, not only new possibilities regarding construction were opened up, but also practical perspectives, such as comfortable heating systems which were built into the walls. Even creative elements, such as terrazzo floors were already used back then. The themes "ancient Rome? and "Roman concrete? are emphasized in the rooms as well as in the specific exterior design of the "Colosseo?.
The basic concept of concrete has not changed till this day, but the manufacturing process has been improved considerably and the various applications have been enhanced.
With the laying of the foundation stone on June 24th 2003, Eduard Schleicher, general manager of the Schwenk Zement KG, and Roland Mack, managing director of Europa-Park, have started the co-operation between Europa-Park and the Süd Zement Marketing GmbH.
"With the construction of the hotel "Colosseo?, which costs approximately 50 million and therefore is the largest investment ever made in the history of the company (29 years), Europa-Park opens up a new chapter?, says Roland Mack.
Especially during difficult economic times, you have to take the heart to break new ground?, he continues. Günter Gorecky, mayor of Rust, expects "important impulses also for the region? from the project. Europa-Park created 295 new jobs with the new hotel.

Living like the ancient Romans

The new hotel "Colosseo" has been built in Roman-Italian style in a record time of just 15 months close to the two already existing hotels. With approximately 1.450 beds it is the largest individual hotel in southwest Germany. Together with the hotels "El Andaluz" and "Castillo Alcazar" it is the biggest hotel resort in Germany with almost 2.700 beds. The usable floor-space covers approximately 23.000 m².
350 rooms with two to eight beds each are located on the first four floors, 22 themed suites with upscale décor are located on the fourth floor. Only the finest Italian materials have been used to fit out the themed suites in order to guarantee a unique and exclusive character. The 12 "Bambini-Rooms?, family rooms with an additional sleeping-area for children, have a very unconventional character. Here, the little ones can stay in their own child-oriented realm, while the adults can enjoy their usual comforts. The "Theatre-Rooms", which stand out against the other rooms both in design and in the floorplan, are another highlight of the new hotel, because those who stay here, feel as if for example being in the "Carnevale di Venezia?.
On the ground floor, visitors can find two restaurants with a total of approximately 900 seats and a big childrens' area. In addition, a new wellness area, a Roman bath with indoor/outdoor pool, a conference area covering 500 m², two bars with a café, an open-air stage, as well as a parking lot with approximately 600 free parking spaces can be found in the new hotel "Colosseo?.

Hotel Resort with "Colosseo?, "El Andaluz? and "Castillo Alcazar?

Research proves, that concerns about the new hotel taking away guests from existing hotels, guesthouses and holiday dwellings in the region, are baseless. Observations over the past years show, that the increase in overnight stays in the Europa-Park hotels have clearly had a positive effect on the overnight figures for the entire region around Europa-Park. Since the construction of the themed hotel "El Andaluz" in 1995, a trend among Europa-Park visitors toward multi-day visits could be established. This tendency becomes apparent in the tourist industry throughout Germany: the trend is moving away from long trips abroad lasting several weeks to shorter trips within the country lasting only some days. Consequently, a second 4-star hotel, the "Castillo Alcazar?, which is designed in the style of an old Spanish castle, has been opened in 1999.
Both, the "El Andaluz? and the "Castillo Alcazar?, feature a beautiful and original design in the rooms and suites. All in all, 1.250 beds are available here. As soon as the guests enter the hotel "Castillo Alcazar?, they are taken back into a long forgotten time. A beautiful atmosphere is created with high vaults, old ceiling beams, beautifully designed furniture and an exclusive interior design. The suites on the ninth floor are named after famous Spanish personalities such as El Cid, Columbus or Cardinal Mendoza. And also the restaurant "Castillo? reminds the visitors of the times of knights and damsels.
The shady arcades of the large inner courtyard of the "El Andaluz? and the beautiful palm tree garden remind the guests of a southern European monastery. A heated outdoor pool, numerous waterworks, a fountain and benches are integrated into the lush tropical garden - and after sunset, gas torches create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. In addition, the hotel guests can relax in the hotel-sauna and have fun in the "Pueblo del Agua?.

For all those who don't want to travel all the way to Spain or Italy, Europa-Park has created a piece of southern Europe in the Upper Rhine area. With the completion of the new hotel "Colosseo?, the Europa-Park Hotel Resort together with the Caravan Site, the Tipi Village with its 26 original tipis and the Guesthouse in the German Alley has a capacity of over 4.000 beds.