Europa-Park Facts


Europa-Park Facts

Opening: July 12th, 1975

Location: Rust/Baden, a few kilometres away from the motorway A5, where the three countries Germany, France and Switzerland meet

Total area: 68 hectares

Terrain: Old castle park with "Balthasar Castle" (built in 1442) and a large stock of trees

Concept: European themed areas, more than 100 attractions and shows, most of them integrated into the architecture of the themed areas

Owners: The Mack family, Company Mack KG, 77977 Rust

Number of employees during the season: up to 2800 employees

Number of new employees in the Colosseo: 295

Total investment since existence: approx. 420 mio. ?

Overnight-stays in the adventure hotels in 2003: approx. 220.000

Number of beds Europa-Park Resort: 4128 (Europa-Park Resort: Colosseo, El Andaluz, Castillo Alcazar, Guesthouse, Tipi Village and Caravan Site)

Number of beds Colosseo: 1450


Results of the sample inquiry that was conducted in 2003 by human geographer Prof. Dr. Fichtner

Figures and trends of the season 2003


Number of visitors in 2003: 3,6 million

Summer 2003: 3,35 million

Winter 2003/2004: 260.000

Total number of visitors since opening of the park: approx. 58 million

Visitors who came to Europa-Park the first time: 26% / 2002: 25 %

Repeat Visitors: 74% / 2002: 75%

Nationalities of visitors:

Germany: 51 %

France: 18 %

Switzerland: 20 %

Others: 11 %

Average age of visitors: 28,7 years

Average duration of stay: 8,5 h

Average duration of journey: approx. 2 h


  • Increase of number of visitors: Very good price performance ratio.
  • Europa-Park reflects the four seasons with different decoration, which constantly leads to repeat visits at Europa-Park.
  • Guests of Europa-Park also visit other touristic destinations in the region.
  • The trend towards a short term destination is going on: 10% increase of two-day-visits
  • The trend towards a multi-media location is going on.

Europa-Park 2004:

Summer season 2004: April 3rd until November 7th 

Opening hours summer 2004: 9 am to 6 pm (longer opening hours during peak season)

Europa-Park entrance fees:

Adults: 26,- ?

Children: 23,- ?

Senior citizens/

Handicapped persons: 23,- ?

Groups: 22,- ?

School classes: 16,50 ?

2-day-pass: 47,- ?

Parking: 3,- ?

Annual ticket adults: 120,- ?

Annual ticket children: 99,- ?

Annual ticket senior citizens: 105,- ?

Winter season 2004: November 27th 2004 until January 9th 2005 (except December 24th/25th)

Air connection:

As of this year, the airline easyJet is flying to Basel Airport. The airline is flying Basel - Liverpool, Basel - London Stansted and Basel - Berlin Schönefeld. From May 20th 2004 on, they will fly Basel - Berlin Schönefeld once per day, from June 17th on twice per day. One way tickets starting at 25,- ?.



1990: The product testing authority "Stiftung Warentest" honours Europa-Park with a "very good" (Europa-Park is the only German leisure park to get this mark)

1990: Europa-Park is awarded with the "Liseberg Amusement Business Applause Award", an Oscar for amusement parks, in Washington

1992: "Stiftung Warentest" compares EuroDisney to other leisure parks with the result, that Europa-Park is "currently the most attractive alternative to EuroDisney"

1992: In a comparison of European leisure parks, conducted by the Italian magazine "Gente Viaggi", Europa-Park was the only park to reach the highest number of points in all categories

1996: "Stiftung Warentest" awards Europa-Park with a "very good" for the second time. Once again, it was the only German leisure park to get this mark. Europa-Park is now rated better than Disneyland Paris.

1997: Europa-Park is honoured with the "Hamburg Foodservice Preis" for its innovative strategy in the field of gastronomy. This award is given to companies, who did the branch great service.

1997: Once again, Europa-Park is the test champion in a comparison conducted by the consumer programme "plus"

1999: Roland Mack is honoured with the Federal Service Cross for his outstanding entrepreneurial achievements. The medal was given to him on his 50th birthday by Hannelore Kohl.

2000: Award "Hotelier of the year" for Roland Mack, managing director of Europa-Park, for the highly successful development of both Europa-Park hotels.

2000: The training programme of Europa-Park is honoured with the "German Training Prize in Bronze" by the BDVT.

2000: Europa-Park is honoured with the title "Family friendly Host" in the course of the national competition family-holidays in Baden-Württemberg 2000.

2000: Award "Top House in the region Ortenau" for both of the Europa-Park hotels.

2000: Europa-Park is awarded with the "TUI Holly 2000" as one of the 100 most popular vacation hotels world-wide.

2000: Europa-Park is honoured by the International Association of Amusement Parks (IAAPA) in Atlanta with the "Spirit of Excellence Award", the most popular employee training prize in the world. Best one in the category "Best Safety Awareness Program", second best in the category "Best Supervisory Training Program"

2001: Baden-Württemberg honours the managers of Europa-Park for their comprehensive ecological orientation

2001: "Spirit of Excellence Award", best one in the category "Best Supervisory Training Program"

2002: "Loopy Awards 2002?: water-rollercoaster "Poseidon? is awarded with "gold? for the best tested water attraction by ThemeParkVision.net and the Rollercoaster Friends

2002: First prize for Europa-Park's "Handbook of bus travel organisations? in the category "advertising media of bus tourist partners?.

2002: First place in the competition "Partner of the Year 2002? of the bus magazines "Omnibus Revue/Bus Aktuell?.

2002: "Neckermann Primo? Award: Castillo Alcazar and El Andaluz among the 10 most popular and best Neckermann hotels.

2002: Roland Mack is appointed chevalier of the "Ordre national du Mérite? by the French President Jaques Chirac.

2003: Award 2002 by the theme park fansite themepark.gatecentral.com for the great variety of attractions at Europa-Park.

2003: Europa-Park is the first international leisure park that is awarded with the "Parksmania Award 2002? as best European leisure park.

2003: In March, Europa-Park was the first leisure park worldwide to be given the certificate "inspected leisure park according to DIN 4112? by the TÜV Süddeutschland (MOT Southern Germany)

2003: On April 30th, Roland Mack is appointed "Goodwill Ambassador for Families" of the Council of Europe

2003: Roland Mack is appointed "Südbadener of the year" in the category economics on May 3rd.

2003: On July 3rd Roland Mack is appointed "Chevalier dans l´Ordre des Palmes Académiques" for his work for the French-German friendship. Also in July, Roland Mack becomes a member of the comitee of the University in Karlsruhe

2003: Roland Mack is honoured with the title "Entrepreneur of the Year 2003? on October 30th in the category "service? in Frankfurt

2004: For its large variety of attractions, its great service and its role as a trend-setter Germany's biggest theme park is honoured with the Italian Parksmania Award as "best European leisure park? on January 16th.

2004: The restaurants of the Spanish adventure hotels "El Andaluz? and "Castillo Alcazar? are given the title "Family Restaurant 2003? by the Tourismusverband Baden-Württemberg (tourism association) and the DEHOGA Baden-Württemberg.

2004: On March 15th, Europa-Park is honoured with the "Best Exhibitor Award ITB 2004? on the tourism exhibition ITB. Together with Boeing and Lufthansa, Europa-Park is third in the category "tourist companies?.

2004: On March 27th, Roland Mack is honoured with the gold medal of honour of the VDI (association of German engineers) for his outstanding work as an engineer.

2004: Europa-Park is the best leisure park in Germany: in July Europa-Park gets the best grades in a test conducted by the leisure research institute B.A.T. in Hamburg on behalf of the German magazine "stern? in order to analyse the quality of German leisure parks.

2004: On the occasion of the "Berliner Tourismusgipfel 2004" (Berlin tourism summit), Roland Mack is honoured with the "Innovationspreis 2004" (Innovation Award) of the German Tourism Industry on September 20th, 2004. The largest seasonal leisure park worldwide is an outstanding example of innovation, explains Klaus Laepple, chairman of the BTW (Berlin Tourism Industry.

2004: On October 6th, the Europa-Park Hotel "Colosseo? has been elected "Hotelproperty of the Year 2004? by a jury of the branch conference "Hotelforum 2004?. Industry insiders say, that this award is the "Oscar for Hotels?.

2004: "Neckermann Primo 2004?: "El Andaluz? / "Castillo Alcazar? are the most popular hotels of the tour operator Neckermann.



Manufacturer Franz Mack

Dipl.-Ing. Roland Mack

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Jürgen Mack



Freizeit- und Familienpark Mack KG

D-77977 Rust

Phone: +49 / 7822 / 77-0

Fax: +49 / 7822 / 77 66 99

Infoline Europa-Park: Phone: +49 / 1805 / 77 66 88

Infoline hotels: Phone: +49 / 1805 / 86 86 10

Hotel-reservations: Phone: +49 / 1805 / 86 86 20

Internet: www.europapark.de

E-mail: info@europapark.de

External offices:



Mme. Laurette Lourenco-Siefert

17b, rue de la Toussaint

F-67000 Strasbourg

Phone: +33 / 88 / 22 68 07



Mr. Dieter Borer

Schmelzistrasse 47a

CH-4228 Erschwil

Phone: +41 / 61 / 78 31 045


Germany North:

Responsible for travel agencies and co-operations

Mr. Kurt Blume

Am Losenberg 27

D-59939 Olsberg

Phone: +49 / 2904 / 70536


Ms. Kerstin Albert

Sieben Morgen 2/B

D-91126 Schwabach

Phone: +49 / 9122 / 87 65 38

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