New Water Attraction at Europa-Park


On Thursday, November 25th, the two managing directors of Europa-Park Roland and Jürgen Mack have ceremoniously started the construction of a new water attraction, which is scheduled to be opened on time for Europa-Park´s 30th anniversary at the beginning of the season 2005 on March 19th.

The attraction of the type "SuperSplash?, which is not yet named, is designed by Mack Rides in Waldkirch. It is the first component of a future Portuguese themed area with a total area of approximately 15.000 square meters. According to its history as a traditional seafaring nation, the main theming of "Portugal? will be the era of the great Portuguese seafarers and discoverers in the 15th and 16th century.

With a height of 30 meters, the "SuperSplash? will be the second highest roller coaster at Europa-Park (the highest roller coaster is the "Silver Star with a height of 73 meters). The new attraction has five large boats, each one for up to 16 persons. After being pulled up to the highest point of the attraction, the boats rotate and run backwards, before turning again and shooting down into a gigantic wave with a speed of up to 80 km/h.

The amount to be invested in this first phase of construction is 5 million Euro. Roland Mack emphasised the entrepreneurial risk, which his family takes again and again, even in economically difficult times: "This is our contribution to the business location Germany.? However, he knows that there is no guarantee for success. As an entrepreneur, he is trying to take into consideration the words of Reinhold Messner: "Those who don´t risk anything, can´t even lose.?

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