Emotions and unforgettable moments: Entertainment at its best at Europa-Park


Whether glamourous varieté, enthralling theater, breathtaking artistry, passionate dances, action packed fights or hilarious clownery - Ice Show, Varieté, Parade or Gladiator Stunt Show? Europa-Park is one big stage! Germany's biggest theme park offers more than 4,5 hours of live entertainment on 20 stages.

Spanish Arena: "The Gladiators are coming??
After last year's overwhelming success, the gladiators now return to Europa-Park. The arena in the Spanish themed area is the setting for an action packed stunt show, which is unique in Germany.
Their fate was to be heroes: After an absence of 2000 years, they are back again, writing their story in the sand of the arena: the gladiators. With trident, swords, spears and the feared Roman chariots, only one of them can emerge victorious. Visitors feel as if being in ancient Rome, when the gladiators fight the enemy.
Dangerous stunts, impressive sword fights, hot-blooded horses, Roman chariots, surprising special effects and plenty of fun and esprit make the Gladiator Stunt Show into an impressive spectacle as is otherwise only seen in Hollywood movies. The gladiators are coming to Europa-Park - let the games begin!
Not suitable for children under 4 years of age.
(35 - 40 minutes)

Varieté Show "Happy happy Birthday?
In the anniversary show "Happy happy Birthday?, the visitors can experience a festival for the senses. The vanguard revue takes the audience into a world filled with phantasy, emotions and unforgettable moments.
The dancers of the Europa-Park Ballet present classy performances, combined with state-of-the-art multimedia technology, which reflect 30 years of entertainment at Europa-Park. The unique combination of colour, light, music and dance is a brilliant and elegant composition.
A fantastic equilibristic performance is presented by the duo Fei Long. Their skilful performance is an esthetical act which enchants the audience with risky aerial acrobatics and absolute body control.
Have you ever heard of "Diabolo?? When watching the trio YingLing from China and Switzerland perform in Europa-Park's "Teatro dell'Arte?, you will be fascinated by rapid juggling combined with fast-paced music and plenty of charme. You won't believe your eyes!
As fascinating as the wonderful spectacle is the grand finale of Europa-Park's anniversary show: Happy happy Birthday!
(25 minutes)

Ice Show "Surprise?
"Surprise?, this is first-class entertainment filled with emotions, fantastic figure skating, hilarious comedy and spectacular acrobatics.
The famous figure skater Norbert Schramm, who won the European Championships several times and who was runner-up in the World Championship, has choreographed this spectacle especially for Europa-Park. The international team of 15 figure skaters from USA, Great Britain, South Africa, Austria, Ukraine and Russia presents a composition of sports and live entertainment. In ten scenes, which are supported by enthralling music and a fascinating light show, the figure skaters present highly challenging performances.
"Surprise?: It can not be described - just admired!
(30 minutes)

"Crazy Clowns? (Globe Theater)
"Every day you spend without a smile, is a lost day?. This quote perfectly describes the artistic comedy spectacle "Crazy Clowns? in Europa-Park's Globe Theater. Queen Elisabeth celebrates her birthday party together with her royal household and entourage. For her entertainment, two antagonising families of clowns are invited?
This wild and turbulent performance with dancers, acrobats and clowns brings the audience close to tears - of laughter! (starting in May)
(25 minutes)

Europa-Park Parade
More than 80 artists participate in the beautiful Europa-Park Parade, which trails through Germany's biggest theme park every day. Apart from performers and artists, of course also Euromaus and his friends join the parade and walk by the visitors, accompanied by beautifully designed vehicles. The colourful Europa-Park-Parade is a jolly spectacle for the whole family and definitely suitable for some great snapshots.
Tip: During our Birthday Week from July 9th to 17th, the Parade will come up with many surprises!
(30 minutes)

Euromaus-Show: "Das große Casting?
In the new character-show on the open-air stage in the Italian themed area, Euromaus and Eurofant are looking for the perfect showact for Europa-Park's birthday party.
They decide to organise a casting with all of their friends to find the most talented character at Europa-Park. With: Luis the French rooster, Richard the English lion, Böckli the Swiss billy goat and many more!
It won't be easy to come to a decision?
(25 minutes)

Children's Theater: "Pinocchio?
This year, a bestseller of children's literature is presented in Europa-Park's Dutch themed area: "Pinocchio?, the story of a puppet who wants to become a real boy. The old puppet maker Geppetto carves a puppet from a piece of wood and names it Pinocchio. When the puppet comes alive, the adventure begins?
The play, which is based on a novel by Carlo Collodi, will enchant both children and parents in Europa-Park's Children's Theater. (starting in May)
(25 minutes)

Other Shows: Nivea Children's Show (Children's World), Parrot-Show (Spain), Puppet Theater Mini-Dlin (Russia), Flamenco-Show (Spain), "Anfiteatro dell'Acqua? (Colosseo Piazza Roma).


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