New event location at Europa-Park: "Palace of Dreams" - the historical Pavillion of Mirrors


Since the start of the season 2005, Europa-Park offers a new event location: the historical Pavillion of Mirrors anno 1920 - "Palace of Dreams?. In the future, the traditional Pavillion of Mirrors, formerly owned by the world-famous "Circus Roncalli?, offers an exceptional ambience for evening events with a special touch. The nostalgic angular tent has a diameter of 16,3 meters and is suitable for groups of up to 180 persons. It is situated next to the foyer of the Europa-Park Dome, near the main entrance of Germany's biggest theme park.

The historical Pavillion of Mirrors is one of the last original dancing palaces from the 1920s. The wooden mirror tent with its cosy seating niches and tables as well as numerous faceted mirrors features especially beautiful lead glass windows, which can be illuminated from the inside.

All those who have been inside a mirror tent before, surely remember the special ambience. Initiated by pavilion aficionados, realised by skilled experts, designed and built many decades ago - mirror tents have a very long tradition. The first tents of this type have been built more than 100 years ago in today's Benelux Countries, most of them were mobile "dancing pavilions?. A visit to a dancing pavilion used to be a very special event for everybody back in the past century.

A movable room with an exclusive interior decoration and an elegant atmosphere as a center and meeting place for culture, communication and amusement. The mirrors inside the tent allowed boundless face-to-face interaction and therefore were very popular. During the mid 70s, mirror tents gained new popularity as locations for concerts and theater festivals, which continues to date.

Mirror tents are round constructions with hand-carved or shaped components. The tents are built up manually without using nails, screws or other fasteners. They are handcrafted with wooden floors and lead glass mirrors and mostly furnished with silk and brocate.

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