Inside Football! Be part of it... preview center for new attraction officially opened


"Experience football?, this is the motto of new attraction "Inside Football! Be part of it??, which will be opened at the beginning of the season 2006. The preview center of the new attraction was officially opened on Sunday, July 3rd on the occasion of the Coca-Cola Day at Europa-Park. Coca-Cola is one of the main sponsors of the new sports world.

The new football pavilion, which is not yet named, will be opened on April 8th 2006 and then be the main attraction for the next summer season. The centrepiece of the hall is an indoor-arena for bumper cars, with which the visitors of Europa-Park can play soccer. The cars are designed in the shape of oversized football boots. That's sports entertainment for the entire family! A unique combination of Soccer-Scooter with stadium atmosphere, Sports World, Coca-Cola Sports Bar and Adidas Sports Shop.

The greatest moments in the history of the Soccer World Cup - experience them again! Outstanding games, legendary trainers, the most beautiful goals and the most wanted cups! No matter why you love soccer - on the "Walk of Fame? you'll definitely find another reason. Europa-Park takes you on a journey back in time and through the history of the biggest sports event in the world from 1930 to the year 2006.

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