225 years MACK Rides in Waldkirch - a chronicle of success: The history of MACK Rides


This year, the MACK Rides GmbH in Waldkirch can look back with pride on eight generations and a history of 225 years of business. Today, the company is one of the market leaders for the development and production of amusement park attractions. With its innovative new developments and a customer-oriented ride construction, MACK Rides has influenced the industry like almost no other company.

Already back in the 18th century, the workshops in Waldkirch were famous for their skills in the construction of stage coaches and carriages. Especially organ wagons were in great demand in Waldkirch, the hometown of many renowned organ builders. Paul Mack, founder and pioneer, established the production facilities in Waldkirch in 1780. At the end of the 19th century, the first wagon for the transportation of a large organ was built. From then on, the company moved on to the fairground business and started building carousels. By 1915, the MACK company was a preferred supplier of the "Circus Krone?. When the circus business slowed down in the 1920s, MACK discovered the world of fun fairs and rides. In 1921, the first wooden rollercoaster was built. As of 1930, the family business specialised in the construction of saloon caravans for travelling showmen, carousels, ghost trains and rollercoasters. In 1936, the first petrol driven ride was designed in the workshops in Waldkirch. In 1951, MACK built the first wooden bob run and just one year later risked the leap across the Atlantic and entered the US market. In 1957, the prototype of the "Wild Mouse? made of wood was developed.

It was Franz Mack who lead the company on to become a well-known international business. The basis for this success, which has been carrying on ever since, was established with innovative conceptions for rides and with the company's entrance into the amusement park industry. In 1975, Europa-Park was opened in Rust - today it is Germany's biggest theme park. Under the direction of Franz Mack and his sons Roland and Jürgen, an ideal combination of park facilities, entertainment, culture and attractions for the entire family, almost all of them designed by the parent company MACK Rides in Waldkirch, was created. The latest ride is the water coaster "Atlantica SuperSplash? in the 12th themed area Portugal. The unique combination of being a ride manufacturer and having good business relations with Europa-Park allows MACK Rides to develop "from practice, for practice? perfect solutions for the customers. It is exactly this uniqueness, which forms the solid basis for the company's core competences: quality, dependability, durability, investment security and design. These characteristics have made the family business Mack an international trademark: MACK Rides, where the customer has always been and will always be the main focus. In 2003 and 2004, MACK Rides was awarded as one of the 100 most innovative medium-sized businesses in Germany, based on its outstanding process innovation.

Since 2005, Roland and Jürgen Mack are the associates of MACK Rides. At the moment, there are 70 people employed in the company: 2 managing directors, 11 commercial clerks and sales managers, 14 employees in the departments of design and development, construction and technology, 31 employees in production, 5 employees in the logistics department, 4 employees in the department installation & service and 3 trainees.

The ever increasing growth of the leisure industry is a challenge, which the management of MACK Rides, with Christian von Elverfeldt and Kurt Mack-Even, has to face anew every day. With process improvement and innovative products, combined with advanced production methods, the company will strengthen its position also in the future. Leisure industry of tomorrow - invented, developed and realised by MACK Rides today - a concept, which guarantees success also in the 21st century.



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