Successful winter season

Europa-Park´s winter opening more and more popular


Again more than four million visitors in 2008 / trend towards more short-holidays

Rust/Germany. Despite the economic crisis and recession Europa-Park has had a successful winter season. The cold season is becoming more and more popular in Germany´s biggest theme park. All in all, Europa-Park was able to repeat its successful result with more than four million visitors in the year 2008. With over 400,000 visitors, also the winter season was as successful as the previous year. Europa-Park´s managing partner Roland Mack: “Our winter season has a whole lot of emotion and meanwhile it is very popular among our visitors. The winter opening is a main pillar in the highly competitive amusement park industry in Germany. On peak days after Christmas, Europa-Park had attendance figures of over 20,000.” Moreover, the exhibition “The Marc Chagall Experience – His Love of Greece” attracted more than 100,000 visitors. The feedback by visitors and experts alike on this completely new art presentation was very positive.


For Roland Mack, a trend towards even more short-holidays at Europa-Park is obvious. He sees the current crisis as an opportunity and he thinks that especially during difficult economic times, big holiday trips are replaced by short-trips. With more than 4,600 beds, the Europa-Park Resort is the largest hotel resort in Germany. Today, almost 80 % of the guests are repeat visitors – a proof for the good quality of Germany´s biggest theme park. Also the manufacturing company Mack Rides in Waldkirch/Germany records a good order situation. Roland Mack emphasises that the economy now needs optimism and real business.

The results after 33 years Europa-Park are impressive: almost 80 million people have visited Europa-Park until now, more than 500 million Euros have been invested by the Mack family without public subventions. More than 3,000 staff members are employed at Europa-Park, moreover the leisure company has created over 8,000 indirect jobs.

Magic Moments

Europa-Park makes huge efforts in order to present a magical winter wonderland during its winter season. Here are some facts: 2.5 million lights, more than 2,500 fir trees, a Children´s Skiing School, a festive Parade of Lights and many more additional activities attract numerous visitors during the cold time of the year. Especially families, but also older persons appreciate the offers during the winter opening, because during this time Europa-Park presents itself with a leisurely and festive ambience. A special highlight was the big Chagall exhibition “The Marc Chagall Experience – His Love of Greece”, which was designed by Chagall´s granddaughter Meret Meyer. With walk-in pictures, a hall of mirrors and oversize details, Europa-Park presented a completely unique exhibition.

Preview season 2009

Also as an attractive location for conferences, business events and entertainment Europa-Park is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, the Festival Hall in the German Alley was rebuilt and redesigned completely. The new rooms “Berlin” and “Goethe” are designed in 19th century style and offer a glamorous ambience for all kinds of events.

On 4 April 2009 Europa-Park will open its doors with a new main attraction and an additional themed area. A new coaster with catapult-start and overhead-elements promises pure adrenaline. Up to 1,720 passengers per hour will be turned upside down on the 1.2 kilometres long and 40 metre high ride. The train, which weighs approximately 12 tons, accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in 2.5 seconds. The coaster will be integrated into a new European themed area.

Despite the rather pessimistic prognoses for German economy, Europa-Park is optimistic about the season 2009 and invests approximately 50 million Euros into its most extensive expansion since the opening of the park 33 years ago.