New features 2009:

Figures & Facts



New themed area Iceland

Attraction: “Blue Fire Megacoaster” with catapult start, loop further head-over-heels elements and novel ride elements
Theming: Icelandic landscape with rugged rock formations and a colourful fishermen´s village
Total area: 2 hectares
Food & Beverages: Kaffi Hus, Icelandic coffee house with a total area of 300 m2 and 160 indoor and outdoor seats
Shopping: 2 shops with a total area of 300 m2, new product range, matching the new megacoaster and Iceland, candy shop, action photos (incl. DVD)
Vegetation: characteristic vegetation with approx. 70,000 – 80,000 shrubs, different grasses, approx. 1,000 m2 of turf and altogether 45 large trees (e. g. pines, fir trees and birch trees) with a height of up to 15 metres
New access: from Scandinavia, with bridge and geysers

Magic Cinema 4D – new movie experience
Title: “Sammy´s great Adventures”
Duration: approx. 20 minutes
Plot: the spectators go on an adventurous journey through the oceans together with two turtles

Mercedes-Benz Hall – new exhibition
Title: “75 Years Silver Arrow: The Colour of Success”
Topic: the history of the Silver Arrows from 1934 to 2009
Conception: Original vehicles – e. g. MP4-14 (1999) and W 165 (1939), film presentations, exhibits, models

Europa-Park Hotel Resort
El Andaluz: artful renovation of hotel rooms, with colourful Spanish themes and mural paintings
Colosseo: ancient Roman mural paintings at restaurant Cesare
Tipi Village: construction of the fifth log-cabin, number of beds has increased to a total of 412

Restaurants & snack bars
Lake-Restaurant: expansion of the open-air terrace by 50 seats
Span. Restaurant Bodega: improved infrastructure, new kitchen

Ballroom Berlin: Completion of the ballroom “Berlin” with new access next to the main entrance and from the EP-Express station “Berlin Alexanderplatz”, VIP area “Berliner Luft”, room “Goethe” and Italian patio “Cortile Italiano”

Newly staged show programmes
Europa-Park Parade: daily with 70 artists
Teatro dell´Arte: “Magia”
Spanish Arena: “Duel of the Brothers”
Ice-Show: “Dreamotion”
Globe Theater: “Musical on Board”, live singing (starting on 1 May)
Children´s Theater: “Off to Neverland”, children´s play
Open-Air Stage Italy: “Euromaus and the Investigators”
Bamboe Baai: “Mysterious Asia” (starting on 1 May)


New access road for the visitor parking
Length: 1,600 metres
Width: 18 metres
Lanes: 4
Asphalted surface: approx. 43,900 m2
Asphalt used: approx. 5,400 m3
Vegetation: approx. 700 lime trees, ashes, trees of life and magnolias as well as 4.5 kilometres of hedges along the road (including parking area for staff members)
Miscellaneous: bike lanes along the road

Second parking garage for hotel guests
Floor space: 15,000 m2 on two levels
Number of parking spaces: 600 / plus 250 outdoor
Number of parking levels: 2
Design: Portuguese, in the style of the 4-star superior hotel “Santa Isabel”
Vegetation: approx. 70 large trees with a height of up to 12 m, e. g. plane trees and oaks
Building time: approx. 4 months

Security office: with new access to administrative building
Parking area for staff: altogether 1,000 parking spaces