Figures & Facts:

Halloween 2009



• 150,000 pumpkins, 6,000 corn stalks, 2,000 bales of straw
• 5 kilometres of strings of lights, 200 skeletons
• more than 350 different pumpkins
• 5,000 chrysanthemums
• 80 hectars of fabric for Pumpkin Coaster
• “Spooky Pumpkin Forest” in the castle gardens

• “Griezelkopjes” in the Dutch themed area
• “Tortuga – the lost Pirates” – spooky cellar with live actors in the Scandinavian themed area
• “Vampires´ Flight” in the Spanish themed area
• Pumpkin Coaster
• Hounted House with live actors (on weekends and during the Festival-Week)
• eerie music inside the roller coasters Eursat and Euro-Mir

• pumpkin carving in the Swiss themed area
• Halloween hairstyles
• Halloween make-up

Shows & Parades:
• Euromaus-Halloween-Show “Euromaus and the Hounted Castle”
• Happy-Halloween-Parade with more than 80 performers
• nice and eerie Halloween gathering in the German Alley (starting at 5 pm)
• Halloween Ice-Show “Halloween on Ice”
• Variety-Show “Eerie Magia”
• open-air show “Mysteria 2009 – Castillo Mystico” on the Festival Area (24 October – 1 November)
• 4D film “Haunted House” in the Magic Cinema (not suitable for children under 8 years of age)

Food & Beverage:
• pumpkin soup
• creepy Halloween specialities in the SWR3 Rock-Café
• autumn menu with game and mushroom dishes at Balthasar Castle
• Halloween dishes at the hotels “El Andaluz” and “Colosseo”
• blood-red “Vampire Secco”
• chocolate bats

Hotel Resort:
• creepily decorated Halloween rooms in the hotels “El Andaluz” and “Colosseo”
• giant spider at the hotel Colosseo
• spooky corners for Halloween snapshots in the hotels “El Andaluz” and “Colosseo”
• Halloween decoration in the hotel lobbies

Halloween Special:
Halloween-Festival-Week with additional highlights from 24 October until 1 November
Special show-programme every evening during the Festival-Week

• Evening Parade of Ghosts and Goblins
• big open-air show “Mysteria 2009 – Castillo Mystico” on the Festival Area
• mystical Horror Market in the castle gardens (30 October until 1 November)
• big SWR3 Halloween-Party (31 October)
• evening ticket available