Figures & Facts:

Terenzi Horror Nights



• over 100 actors and extras
• over 50 different characters
• 6 make-up artists and 4 hair-stylists
• 4 hours of make-up work for every night of the event
• over 25 kg of make-up
• 20 liters movie-blood
• 20 liters of latex
• about 250 latex parts

• total area: 7,638 m²
• indoor area: 2,400 m²
• Vampire´s Lounge in the TV hall: 500 m²
• Vampire’s Club: 200 m²

Attractions - “The Asylum”, “Rosemarie’s Nightmare Continues“ and “The Carn-Evil”:
What happens when an insane doctor illegally operates on his patients to remove the part of their brains responsible for the emotion of fear? The horrendous answers will be found in The Asylum.
Since last year the undead princess Rosemarie spreads fear and terror and she still has not found her rest as Rosemarie’s Nightmare continues…
And how do demons celebrate Carnival? The Carn-Evil will show!

„The Asylum“ facts:
• 14 different rooms with unique themes
• interactive multi-media controls
• total area 800 m²
• 3,000 meters of square timber
• 900 m² of ply wood
• 350 meters of walls
• 180 liters of acrylic paint

“Rosemarie’s Nightmare Continues” facts:
• 400 m² of steel rod mats fort the labyrinth
• total area: 300 m²

“The Carn-Evil“ facts:
• total area: 500 m²
• 1,200 m² of ply wood
• 380 meters of walls

Food & Beverage:
• Taverna Mykonos: Fiery ‘chilli con carne’ after Marc Terenzi’s original recipe, spaghetti bolo and pizza
• Vampire’s Club: Vampire girls serve bloody red prosecco, cocktails and shots

11 songs composed and produced within 2 months by Benny Richter. The tracks feature an explosive mixture of cinematic live choir recordings, Electro, Rock and Metal.

General facts:

Dates: Starting on 25 September every Friday till Sunday, as well as an additional night on 15 October. From 22 October until 1 November open throughout the week, except Monday 26 and Saturday 31 October.

Location: Europa-Park in Rust near Freiburg / Germany
Opening hours: 7.30 pm until midnight
Vampire’s Club: open on Friday and Saturday from 11 pm

Tickets: Box office or online at
www.terenzihorrornights.com and www.europapark.de

Admission prices:

Thursday & Sunday

Event only

(25 Sep. – 22 Oct.)
Advance sale: 13.00 Euro
(19 % VAT and advance booking fee incl.)
Box office: 15.00 Euro
(19 % VAT incl.)

Combined ticket (event and park)
Advance sale: 44.50 Euro
(19 % VAT and advance booking fee incl.)
Box office: 46.50 Euro
(19 % VAT incl.)

Friday & Saturday* + Festival Week**

Event only
Advance sale: 17.00 Euro
(19 % VAT and advance booking fee incl.)
Box office: 19.00 Euro
(19 % VAT incl.)

Combined ticket (event and park)
Advance sale: 48.50 Euro
(19 % VAT and advance booking fee incl.)
Box office: 50.50 Euro
(19 % VAT incl.)

Vampire’s Club***
Box office: 5.00 Euro

*Vampire´s Club ticket included on Friday and Saturday
** no Terenzi Horror Nights on 26 and 31 October
*** Vampires Club on Friday & Saturday only, separate ticket available (valid from 11 pm on)

Recommended for vistitors aged 16 or older!
Created & produced by: Marc Terenzi & Michael Mack


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