What´s new in 2010

Figures & Facts


Whale Adventures – Splash Tours

Attraction: family water attraction in the Icelandic themed area: thrilling expedition for visitors of all ages

Age restriction: children until 8 years of age have to be accompanied by an adult

Special features: all boats are equipped with water cannons

Ride features: water cannons can be aimed at targets along the ride

Theming: Icelandic harbour building, lighthouse (12 metres), two whales, ocean

Boats: 10 boats, each equipped with 8 water cannons

Capacity: 8 persons per boat

Length: 160 metres

Ride time: 280 seconds

Capacity per hour: 835 persons/hour

Manufactured by: Mack Rides GmbH & Co. KG, Waldkirch/Germany

GAZPROM theme world – the wonder of energy

Topics: the world of energy and the energy source natural gas

Building: three-storey building with glass front

Rooms: two event and conference rooms

Floor space rider area: 300 m2

Floor space non-rider area: 650 m2

Floor space conference rooms: 300 m2

Exhibition: 3 cylindrical rooms

Contents cylinders: 360° multimedia-cinemas with information on the deposit, exploitation and use of natural gas

Non-rider area: video game, table football and photo- station with blue box


Additional track length: 400 metres

Trains: 1 new train, all others in new design

Station: additional station with Icelandic theming

Track: interesting new track, passing locations that until now could not be seen by the visitors

Special features: new transport system, as guests can get to the main entrance with only one change of trains (Panorama Train)

Magic Cinema 4 D

New technology: conversion of the technology into 3D digital, size of screen: 19 x 9 metres

Mercedes-Benz Hall

Title: “Behind the Speed”

New exhibition: facts about the technology of the SLS AMG

Arena of Football

New Walk of Fame: “adidas – Football Theme World”

Exhibition: multimedia activity stations and numerous unique world cup exhibits, such as shoes and footballs from the respective world cup years

Food & Beverage

Casa Atlantica: new food & beverage location in the Portuguese themed area with Mediterranean snacks, integrated ice-cream parlour, total of 160 seats available

Pizzeria Venezia: complete renovation with new winter garden and wine cellar

patio (60 m2) with French decoration and 40 seats, all in all 600 seats available,

new arcade leading to the adjacent bistro “La Cigale”

Expansion of Camp Resort

Existing saloon: now a total of 140 seats available

New saloon: “Silver Lake Saloon” with stage for special events, balcony on the upper floor, all in all 160 seats available

New reception: triplication of the previous area

Infrastructure: new kitchen, new Western Bar, new outdoor area with 120 seats, new barbecue station with open fire

New show programmes

Europa-Park Parade: daily with 70 international artists

Teatro dell´Arte: “Magia Nuova”

Spanish Arena: “King Arthur´s Sword”

Ice Show: “Pure Ice” (new room design)

Globe Theater: “An English Love” (starting 1 May)

Children´s Theater: “Off to Neverland”

Open-air stage Italy: “Happy Birthday Euromaus”

Bamboe Baai: “The Secrets of Asia” (starting 1 May)


New nursery: indoor area with more than 1,000 m2, outdoor area with more than 12,000 m2, 3 greenhouses, among them one hall for palm trees and one lemon house, new administration rooms and a floristic showroom with wood front