Figures & Facts:

Fifth Europa-Park Hotel “Bell Rock”



Hotel Building 

Building complex: 1 central building (4 floors), 5 annexes (3 floors), 1 lighthouse (35 metres) 

Gross total area: 25,000 m2 

Gross cubature: 75,000 m3 

Total floor space: 7,000 m2 

Basement floor space: 7,000 m2 

Total area site: 40,000 m2 


General: New England during the 18th and 19th century, with maritime touch following the style of the New England coast colonisation by pilgrims and English seafarers 

Lobby and hallways: typical New England Shaker style: plain, puristic design, winter gardens, upscale building materials, precious wood flooring 

Standard rooms: maritime New England style, lush wallpapers, light wood panelling, plank flooring, themed furniture 

Suites: all suites feature individual theming, for example according to different English colonies or contemporary personalities (e. g. Sir Francis Drake or Admiral Horatio Nelson) 


Rooms & Suites 

Number of standard rooms: 194 

Number of suites: 31 



Height: 35 metres 

Use: 6 suites, fine dining restaurant, private dining room 


Conference rooms: all in all 3 meeting and conference rooms (170 m2, 35 m2, 15 m2) 

Others: private dining room above the fine dining restaurant in the lighthouse 

Entertainment & Spa 

Pool area: indoor pool (50 m2) and outdoor pool (240 m2) 

Others: Spa area, children´s water playground, trick fountains, children´s play corner, library in the lobby 

Features: wireless internet, flat screens (international programmes in all rooms), public areas furnished with antiques and artisan craftwork, open fireplaces, shopping area 


Food & Beverage 

Restaurants: 1 self-service restaurant, 1 à-la-carte restaurant, 1 fine dining restaurant including typically themed outdoor areas 

Food: typical New England cuisine, open barbecues, show- cooking 

Bars: 1 café-bar with outdoor area, 1 Havanna lounge, VIP- room under the restaurant 



Vegetation: typical regional plants, leaf trees from New England, Indian Summer flair with characteristically turning foliage, picturesque riverside 

Maritime influence: lake scenery with over 2,000 m2 water surface 

Others: hotel park with open fireplaces and typical gas 


Hotel classification: 4-star superior 

Number of jobs: 260 new staff members 

Number of elevators: altogether 9 

Parking spots: 400 

Infrastructure: separate exit from feeder road, own entrance to Europa-Park, Monorail connection 

Building owner: Europa-Park GmbH & Co. 

Freizeit- und Familienpark Mack KG 

Special CharacteristicsEnvironmental aspects: especially sustainable construction with regards to energy and water consumption, building is heated with a groundwater heat pump 


Kitchen equipment: state-of-the-art standards, including degermination and ventilation systems