Fact Sheet

Scandinavian Themed Area


General Facts:

·         Opening on 23rd July 2019

·         Area of 3.200m²

·         Theming: Nordic, colourful wooden houses

·         50 employees; 27 of them in gastronomy, 10 in shopping, 6 in attractions, 5 in games, 3 in cleaning

·         Construction time: 13 months

·         Around 100 construction workers on the construction site at once

·         Over 350,000 man hours

·         Approx. 750m² pavement

·         5.7km drinking water pipe was laid


·         'Sportsbutik' with 65m²

·         'Snorri's Varehus' with 76m²


Ice Cream Parlour 'Is Huset'

·         Area 64m²

·         Approx. 20 indoor seats and 40 terrace seats

·         Self-service

·         Offering ice cream specialties and bubble waffles

'Fjord Restaurant'

·         Surface 510m², two floors

·         Approx. 220 indoor seats and 60 terrace seats

·         Self-service restaurant

·         Local dishes: offer of köttbullar, baked salmon, salads, smørrebrød, berry skyr cake


·         Offering sandwiches with crab, smoked salmon and herring salad


·         Cogeneration plant with 240 KW

·         4 boilers each with 800 KW and 6.4 kilometres heating pipe

  • The reopend Skandinavian themed area

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