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Ecological measures: Rulantica – The new indoor water world at Europa-Park

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Ann-Kathrin Mack (Europa-Park), Jürgen Sedler (Europa-Park), Alexander Schindler (Gemeinde Rust), Lothar Bellert (Förster Rust/Ringsheim), Dr. Michael Thoma (Anwaltskanzlei Thoma), Bernhard Keller (Ingenieurbüro Keller), Gerhard Babik (Planungsgruppe Landschaft und Umwelt Freiburg), Michael Höfler (Landschaftsgestalter)

Responsibility/Ecological working group:

Ann-Kathrin Mack (Europa-Park), Jürgen Sedler (Europa-Park), Alexander Schindler (Rust local authority), Lothar Bellert (Rust/Ringsheim forest ranger), Dr Michael Thoma (Thoma law firm), Bernhard Keller (Keller engineering firm), Gerhard Babik (Planungsgruppe Landschaft und Umwelt Freiburg), Michael Höfler (landscape designer)

Facilities for animals

·         740m running surface with amphibian refuge

·         2 amphibian hills

·         Bee pavilion with 8 bee colonies of approx. 400,000 bees in total

·         Installation of over 100 nest boxes in 2019 (total of over 274 nest


·         Lark window on 380m2 agricultural land

·         Wildlife and bat corridor measuring 11,566m2 enabling the animals to move easily to other forest areas

·         4.2 km wildlife protection barrier


Roadside planting hotel ‘Krønasår’: 221 plants (of which 6 weeping willows, 30 climbing hydrangeas, 25 medlars, 25 hornbeam pillars, 45 lime trees, 90 black elderberry bushes)

Hotel ‘Krønasår’ forecourt: 7,000m2 turf and 10,818 plants (of which 20 Scots pine, 20 birch trees, 15 spruces, 190 hornbeams, 8 oak trees, 15 black pines, 40 Scots pine, 80 sand birches, 60 field maples, 40 lime trees and 5,000 grasses)

Roadside planting Roland-Mack-Ring: 197 plants (20 hornbeam pillars, 5 weeping willows, 40 hydrangea bushes, 20 medlars, 12 tall orchard fruit trees, 100 wild shrubs 

Fruit orchard circle: 20 trees, 25 fruit trees and orchard meadow

Tricorn (large traffic island at the top of the access road): 10,255 plants (55 trembling poplars, 10,000 daffodils, 200 verbascum) including perches for birds of prey

Noise barrier: 500 dogwoods, 60 white birch trees and reseeding

Wildlife protection barrier: 600 ivy plants, 18 cypress oaks, 70 black elderberries

Ellenweg planting: 50 wild pears

Infiltration basin 1: 6,143 plants (20 pollard willows, 40 maple trees, 3 rowan berries, 10 birches, 20 trembling poplars, 50 acacias, 6,000 daffodils)

Infiltration basin 2: 10,125 plants (10,000 daffodils, 30 wild pears, 10 rowan berries, 20 willows, 15 maple trees, 50 butterfly bushes)

Wildlife and bat corridor: 3,800 wild shrubs

Flower meadows: almost 190,000 m2 

Rulantica monument: 1,000 daffodils, Scots pines, birches, oak trees, seedling

Iron Hand forest area: 1,300 oak trees

Offsetting measures

·         Elzwiesen wetlands area approx. 75ha

·         Forest refuge 2.5ha

·         Old Mill fish ladder

·         3 infiltration basins measuring almost 16,000m2

Projects in the pipeline

·         Adventure trail

·         Family trail

·         Walking track

·         Walkway

·         Water pathway

·         Ecological adventure stations



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