Now it's imperial

Boundless fun in Germany's largest theme park

In Europa-Park, visitors travel through 15 European themed areas in just one day, experiencing traditional architecture and cuisine. At over 100 attractions, holidaymakers of all ages can feel the wind on their faces and simply recharge their batteries. In the 2022 season, there are plenty of new highlights to discover at Germany's largest theme park, especially in the Austrian themed area.

In Rust, it’s also possible to get out of the southern Baden sun and into a Nordic themed world. Located in the immediate vicinity of Europa-Park, the whole family can look forward to swimming and sliding fun at the Rulantica water world. Young visitors in particular will be excited, as this season there are some new surprises to discover. Those who love travelling can not only experience adventures in Rulantica, they also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in virtual worlds at the virtual reality sensation YULLBE.

Imperial fun

The Austrian themed area is changing in the new season, as the empire makes its entrance. During a ride on the lake, guests can marvel at the beauties of Austria and magnificent garden art. The conversion of the Jungle Rafts ride with the new theme of ‘Josefina's Magical Imperial Journey’ will take place in several stages until 2023. From the start of the 2022 season, the romantic boat ride will be open to the whole family, with new innovations to be discovered. Over several phases, the train station and the boats are being reworked to shine with a new majestic splendour.

In ‘Josefina's Magical Imperial Journey’, guests enjoy a themed ride across an idyllic lake and through a magnificent palace garden. Accompanied by beautiful waltz music composed by T-Rex Classics, the route leads past impressive water features and a secret garden, as well as through a romantic rose arch. Visitors pass through different stages of Empress Josefina's life: from the wild, nature-loving childhood to her life as Empress - princesses and princes of all sizes will not be disappointed. A visual highlight is the fountain show 'Vienna Water Waltz', where visitors can experience an exciting interplay of water, light and music. 54 fountains up to 40 metres high make for a gigantic show. The ‘Danube Steamer' attraction will also shine with a brand new look in the 2022 season.

Since last summer, the lovable grandma of dinosaurs Madame Freudenreich has also inspired visitors. Alongside her friendly dinosaurs, visitors can experience a fast-paced soapbox race over hill and dale in 'Madame Freudenreich Dino Race VR’ - the VR experience on the 'Alpenexpress Coastiality'. In the 2022 season, visitors can also experience the action-packed story to the new YULLBE PRO Experience ‘Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly’ in ‘Amber Blake - The Chase’ on the ‘Alpenexpress Coastiality’. Starting this summer, they will be able to immerse themselves in a 30-minute interactive spy film at the independent VR attraction YULLBE, located between hotel ‘Krønasår’ and the Rulantica water world. From spring, visitors will also have the opportunity to experience the detailed landscape of Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg with the YULLBE PRO adventure 'Miniatur Wunderland - The Crazy Shrink Tour' or the YULLBE GO experience 'Miniatur Wunderland - Walking in Wonderland'.

There are plenty of other highlights for all ages to discover in the 15 European themed areas of Europa-Park. In Holland, visitors can follow in the footsteps of pirates and privateers on a boat ride with the brave 'Pirates in Batavia'. At the new 'granini Saft Butikk' in the Scandinavian themed area, juices, cool spritzers or delicious cocktails provide fruity refreshment. In addition, 13 rollercoasters guarantee thrilling speeds through the rugged rocky landscapes of Iceland or the world of the Greek god of water, Poseidon. In the Magic Cinema 4D, guests can watch the Wünschmann family's next adventure on a new screen using the latest projector technology with the short film 'Happy Family Next Level 4D'. Right next to the cinema, the bistro La Cigale was renamed Bistro Tomi Ungerer last year in memory of the great Alsatian artist. The hearts of SC Freiburg fans are sure to beat faster at the newly decorated 'Arena of Football' - where a small VIP box, props from SC Freiburg, a photo point and exciting insights into the Europa-Park Stadium await the guests. Stylish sportswear can be found in the 'TOGETHER.FASTER. Sports Store' with new cooperation partner PUMA, where they even have their own Europa-Park collection.

Summery shows

Visitors to Germany's largest theme park can look forward to numerous event highlights with artists, dancers, musicians and singers again this year. Europa-Park offers the highest level of live entertainment for a total of 23 hours a day. During the daily 'Ed's Adventure Parade', a new pirate fortress makes its way through the park as visitors find themselves captivated by the gripping music and spectacular costumes. In the Spanish Arena, visitors of all ages can expect breathtaking horse acrobatics with the show 'The Return of the Sultan', presented by the stunt troupe of the famous horse trainer Mario Luraschi.

Pure joie de vivre can be found at 'The Show must go on' in the Europa-Park Teatro, celebrated with world-class acrobatics. Magic lovers will find what they are looking for in the English themed area, where Timothy Trust & Diamond create illusions with 'Abraka...Shakespeare! RELOADED'. In the Greek themed area, Europa-Park’s star figure skaters celebrate the birth of the legendary Adventure Club of Europe in a fast-paced show with magical effects, glamorous costumes and gripping music at 'ACE - The adventure begins!'. 

A special highlight awaits viewers of the popular show ‘Immer wieder sonntags’, as this TV show will soon have a new arena right next to Rulantica, from where the programs will be broadcast live to viewers' living rooms from 12th June 2022. 

The ultimate water fun for the whole family

During a short holiday in the warmest region of Germany, a visit to the Rulantica water world is a must. Since last season, swimming and bathing fans can look forward to the Nordic Outdoor World of Slides. From May to September, ten slides – including a wave slide and a funnel slide – await brave explorers in 'Svalgurok'. A stay in the water world is also a great experience for families with small children, as right next to ‘Svalgurok’, the littlest of guests can also cool off and have fun during the warm season while their parents relax comfortably on one of the over 1000 loungers in the outdoor area. This year, 'Snorri Strand' offers even more water fun, as three new child-friendly slides promise additional action for the little ones at 'Snorri's Rutscheplads. At 'Snorri's Spelaborg' a fortress made of crates and all kinds of flotsam will get imaginations flaring. After splashing around, visitors of all ages can enjoy a break from the swimming at 'Snorri's Piknikbud' with delicious sandwiches, fruit cups and refreshing drinks. From spring, it will also be possible to enjoy that holiday feeling at the Nordic sandy beach 'Dynstrønd', the new location for summer fun and relaxing sunbathing. Numerous sun loungers, six beach chairs, stylish hanging baskets, a sand playground for children and a beach volleyball court leave absolutely nothing to be desired. From time to time, musical and artistic surprises also await guests on the open-air stage. 

A variety of slides can also be found in the indoor area: The 'Isbrekker' jump slide first goes down a steep drop, leading into a free fall from a height of 1.30 metres that plunges into the water pool. In the 'Vinter Rytt’, the steep slide wall rises up almost vertically, and the 'Svalgur Rytt' rafting slide features plenty of curves, where up to four people aged 10 and over can slide together in one tyre. At 'Snorri Snorkling VR', visitors put on VR diving goggles and embark on a fantastic adventure deep under the sea surface with the lively Sixtopus Snorri. This virtual underwater tour is unique worldwide and was specially developed by MackNeXT and VR Coaster.

Adults can then relax in the exclusive Hyggedal relaxation and sauna area. The wellness oasis has a Nordic ambience and is located above the 'Lumålunda' restaurant, offering a fantastic view of the entire water world. On 1,000m², comfortable loungers, three nude wooden saunas and a large outdoor terrace await guests aged 18 and over. Last winter, the new 'KOTA Sauna Chalet' also made its appearance. There, guests can enjoy a proper sauna surrounded by rustic tables and seating, as well as a sauna oven, while enjoying a delicious wheat beer - with or without alcohol. Both 'Snorri Snorkling VR' and 'Hyggedal' are additional offers that can be booked online in addition to the day ticket.

Heavenly nights at the Europa-Park Resort

If your feet are tired from a day of exploring the Resort, the six Europa-Park hotels and the rustic Camp Resort offer ideal relaxation. Whether it’s the lonely fjords in the far north or a dream of Mediterranean nights for you, the park's own 4* and 4* superior themed hotels enchant guests with their lovingly-designed theming and an excellent authentic cuisine. Generous wellness and spa areas provide the perfect way to round off your stay.

From the summer, guests of Hotel Krønasår can book one of 11 suites, each with a steam bath or sauna. The new 160 m² infinity pool will also ensure a relaxing time together with loved ones. Days at Europa-Park and Rulantica are guaranteed to be a unique short holiday for the whole family.

  • The Mack family opens 'Josefina's Imperial Magic Journey' with Jade Lagadère (left) and Miss Germany 2022, Domitila Barros (2nd from left).

  • Europa-Park's managing partners Michael, Thomas, Jürgen and Roland Mack (from left) at the maiden ride.

  • Imperial fun in the new boat ride for the whole family

  • Star director Mario Luraschi in the Spanish arena