Last stop at the "National Roller Coaster Museum"

Europa-Park donates "Eurosat" roller coaster train

For over 28 years, the seven trains of the ‘Eurosat’ rollercoaster were on the move at Europa-Park, carrying more than 80 million passengers from 1989 until 5th November 2017. In the ten months that followed, the popular rollercoaster inside the futuristic silver sphere, which was developed by Europa-Park's founding father Franz Mack, was completely revised and now offers a significantly improved riding experience thanks to a new track system, technical progress and new rollercoaster trains manufactured by Mack Rides. One of these retired trains is now getting a new home, as the owner family Mack has donated it to the ‘National Roller Coaster Museum’ in Planview Texas (USA). The donated train vehicles have been restored to make them look there best. Europa-Park owner Roland Mack: "Back then, my father Franz Mack invented and engineered 'Eurosat' with the help of self-made models. He immersed himself in the development of this ride for months. To see one of the 'Eurosat' trains now exhibited in the 'National Roller Coaster Museum', showing visitors a piece of history of Europa-Park, is a special honour and a great remembrance of my father."

Since 2009, the museum has exhibited numerous collector's items such as ride vehicles, designs and specialist literature as a reminder of the success story of rollercoasters. This is the largest historical collection of its kind, which is now being expanded to include an exhibit from Europa-Park and Mack Rides for the first time. “We are honored to begin a relationship with Mack Rides and Europa-Park. The Mack family is a foundational cornerstone of our entire industry. Their ride designs, theming and attention to detail have made Europa-Park a benchmark for the world. We jumped at the opportunity to add a legendary Eurosat Roller Coaster train from Europa Park to our collection. It will help us tell a more global story of the industry through the years”, Jeff Novotny, National Roller Coaster Museum Chairman, said.

  • The park owners, the Mack family, are donating a train from the old Eurosat rollercoaster to the National Roller Coaster Museum.

  • Jürgen, Roland, Michael and Thomas Mack

  • Franz Mack was responsible for the conception and development of ‘Eurosat’.