The interactive water carousel "Tønnevirvel" opens in Rulantica for the first time in the world in a water park

In the new ‘Tønnevirvel’, from 2nd July, the motto is ‘On the boats... get set... wet’! In the water world of Europa-Park, the ‘Twist'n'Splash’ ride from Mack Rides, beloved in amusement parks, will be presented in a water park for the first time worldwide. The interactive water carousel provides lively adventures all year round. The boats spin round on themselves and on three underwater platforms, creating double the spinning fun and a unique thrill. With oversized water spray guns, passengers can engage in back to back water fights. Visitors who don’t wish to become passengers by entering the magical stone circle, an ancient sacred site of the Nordic peoples, can still expect to get a little wet, as the lively spectacle does not only take place on the boats. Guests can also join in on the fun from land with even more water guns surrounding the attraction, ensuring that guests are not completely defenseless against the refreshing watery bombardment coming from the round boats.

The youngest visitors can also really let off some steam with new slides and an interactive play corner. As of this season, there is even more space in the outdoor area for parents to unwind and simply enjoy the south Baden sun. Visitors can reach the sandy Nordic beach ‘Dynstrønd’ via a wooden footbridge. There are plenty of exciting adventures for all ages at the outdoor slide world ‘Svalgurok’, which opened last summer and has ten slides and over 100 opportunities to play.

  • The Mack family and Christian von Elverfeldt (Mack Rides) at the opening of 'Tønnevirvel'.

  • Opening of the ‘Twist'n'Splash’ ride from Mack Rides.

  • The interactive water carousel provides lively adventures all year round.