Traumatica - Festival of Fear

Traumatica is back! And with it come all the monsters and dark shapes, the source of terrible nightmares. In a post-apocalyptic world, evil takes over again. This year, a group of travelling people has begun to mingle with the horrible creatures that are once again spreading fear and terror as Traumatica is transformed into a Festival of Fear. They have haphazardly thrown their tarpaulins over shipping containers, wildly painted the buildings and streets, and used scrap metal to ‘decorate’ the site to their own taste. Your blood will run cold in your veins at the multi-award-winning horror event at Europa-Park from 30th September to 12th November 2022.

This year, the following horror houses are ready to catapult brave visitors into their own horror movie:

Wax Museum

Old friends and many new characters lurk within the terrifying museum. Lovingly cast in wax for all eternity, terrifying faces grimace and grin from every corner. You will need a sure instinct here to get away unscathed, or the ruthless truth hidden behind the masks may be revealed.

Tarot House

What does the future hold? Rainbows and cotton candy, or pitch black cats crossing your path? Anyone who enters this house will look their fate in the eye, relentlessly experiencing whatever happiness or misfortune may lie ahead. But the price is high! Your very soul is in danger!

Skin Deep

This macabre collection clearly displays perfect beauty. Beauty, however, really is in the eye of the beholder. Gentle curves, sensual, elegant, or are they dripping with blood, sinewy and pale? Skin Deep truly gets under the skin, a variety of body parts on display. And the abominable curators are always looking to add the next part to their collection...

Grims Funhouse

Always ready to joke about, with red noses, colourful clothes and unkempt hairstyles: it’s the clowns! Their jokes will literally have you die laughing. Grim and his silly friends guarantee that if you survive, you will never forget your journey through their funhouse.

Petting Zoo

Welcome to the petting zoo! Aren't they cute, all the little white rabbits, funny goats and stubborn donkeys? And the friendly animal care staff greet you very enthusiastically. That doesn’t bode well. It's hard to believe how quickly the unusually lovable and cuddly creatures can transform. Then, there's the magical main attraction, a flying unicorn perhaps? Or will it soon be you that is the centre of attention, ending up behind bars yourself in your own cage?

In addition to the horror houses, Cassandra’s Curse is also open.

The spectacular show The Traumatica Circus: DYSTOPIA takes place every evening at 9pm and 10.30pm. In addition to the Master of Hellfire, who brings plenty of heat to the Arena, there are also daring motorcycle stunts in the Globe of Death that take your breath away. Jewels Good performs fascinating sword swallowing and acrobatics both in the air and on the ground probably make this the craziest circus in the world.

‘Traumatica’ takes place every Friday to Sunday (excl. 2nd and 29th October) from 30th September to 12th November 2022, as well as on 31st October and 3rd November. The preview is on 28th September. Tickets are available in advance. All admission prices at www.traumatica.com.

Admission is from 6.45 pm, start at 7.30pm

The Vampire's Club is open every Friday and Saturday, as well as on 31st October. Entry is permitted from the age of 16. Visitors under the age of 16, even if accompanied by a legal guardian, will not be admitted to the event.

Not Alone Experience: This ticket includes entry to the event and the ShoxterPass unlimited (unlimited entry through the VIP entrances), VIP promenade ticket in the Vampire's Club, one free meal and three free drinks, Not Alone Experience and reserved seats in the Circus Show.

More information about Traumatica on Facebook: www.facebook.com/horrornights.traumatica/

  • Sinister figures make the blood run cold in the veins

  • Traumatica - Festival of Fear