Experience magical moments

The 21st Magical Winter Season at Europa-Park

With 3,000 snow-decked fir trees from the nearby region, 10,000 shimmering Christmas tree baubles and facades covered in winter decorations, from 26.11.2022 to 08.01.2023 (excl. 24/25.12.2022) and from 13.01. to 15.01.2023, Germany’s largest theme park is once again transformed into a magical winter wonderland that enchants visitors of all ages. A top-class show program and breathtaking attractions promise tons of fun and entertainment throughout the winter season. At the Europa-Park Resort, visitors can also enjoy breathtaking winter days in the water in Rulantica and let off steam in the ‘Tønnevirvel' roundabout ride. A short holiday like this can be topped off by a culinary journey for all senses at the futuristic gastronomic event concept 'Eatrenalin'. After all that, visitors can end their day with a wonderful overnight stay in one of the park's six themed hotels, or the cosy Camp Resort. This summer, the new Krønasår Boutique Suites at hotel ‘Krønasår’ opened, offering luxurious relaxation.

The scent of cookies and mulled wine fills the air as winter music plays in the 15 lovingly-decorated European themed areas: the winter season at Europa-Park promises an enchanting experience for all senses and some very special magical moments. As soon as they enter Germany's largest theme park, visitors can admire the decorated Christmas tree in the Deutsche Allee. For many years, the fir tree has been donated by the municipality of Sélestat. The Luxembourg Square is also adorned with a 15-metre-high lavishly decorated fir tree. The romantic boat ride 'Josefina's Magical Imperial Journey' moves comfortably through the Austrian themed area, while in the evening, a fascinating Christmas spectacle awaits guests on the lake in form of the show 'Josefina’s Winter Journey’.

There is action to be found on the 'Alpenexpress Coastiality’, and in 'Amber Blake - The Chase' the guests can immerse themselves in the exciting story of the new YULLBE PRO Experience 'Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly’. Furthermore, the absolute phenomenon 'The Phantom of the Opera' by Andrew Lloyd Webber joins in with a new YULLBE GO VR experience in the rebuilt Dome of Dreams next to the Greek themed area. 'The Phantom of the Opera' is the first musical in the world to enter the virtual stage with its own VR experience.

For rollercoaster fans, thrilling speeds are still guaranteed this winter, such as on the Silver Star steel rollercoaster. In the 'Eurosat - CanCan Coaster' guests travel through Paris at night, and they can discover Icelandic mythology with a ride on the wooden rollercoaster 'WODAN - Timburcoaster’. Adrenaline junkies can also experience a ride through the rugged rocky landscapes of Iceland on the 'blue fire Megacoaster' catapult rollercoaster. *

In the winter season, Germany's largest theme park celebrates Denmark's best-known poet in the 'blue fire Dome’, with the art exhibition 'Andersen's Fairy Tale Journey in Europa-Park' as well as many other events. The exhibition takes place in cooperation with Verein Märchenland e.V. and gives insight into a particular passion of the poet: silhouettes.

Action-packed skiing fun

Germany's largest amusement park also offers exciting winter highlights for children. On the meadow next to the ‘Tyrol Log Flume’ in the Austrian themed area, with the support of professional ski instructors, children can make their first attempts with skiing. However, just as fun are the snow tubes, which the children can use to rapidly slide down the hill. In the Scandinavian themed area, Europa-Park is once again offering the ‘Skitty World Nordic’, a cross-country skiing world for children and youngsters. In this course, they are taught coordination and the technical elements of the types of movement, ‘driving - running - jumping’. Instruction is provided by professional ski instructors from the Thoma ski school. Children and adults get enjoy a wonderful session on the the large ice rink next to the 'Fjord Rafting'. Indoors in the Spanish Arena there is the 'WinterWunderWorld’, where younger visitors have plenty of opportunities to let off some steam.

Romantic Christmas markets

Culinary dreams come true in the extensive Christmas market that surrounds the Europa Fountain in the entrance area, as well as in the historic Balthasar Palace Park. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll through the market and taste winter delicacies both from the region and the entire European continent. Visitors can also go back in time to find olden-style craftsmanship at the Christmas market in 'Ireland – Children's World'. Traditional professions such as goldsmiths or bookbinders are presented in the numbers tents found there. Then, as it gets dark outside, torches and fire pits give the market an atmospheric setting.

After a trip through the Christmas markets, visitors can also see the nativity scene exhibition in the Norwegian Stave Church, which is sure to build even more anticipation for Christmas Eve.

Festive Shows

The international artists whisk visitors off into a magical world with the best entertainment, creating a great Christmas atmosphere. With beautiful costumes, elaborate stage design and professional productions both on the ground and in the air, the award-winning artists amaze audiences in the completely redesigned Circus Revue. Among other things, Alexander Lichner shows off daring tricks on the trapeze, while Five Heart displays impressive feats with the Russian swing. Nicol Nicols demonstrates her skills on a rope and Cesar Dias entertains the audience as a clown. The colder season is also the time of year when wishes come true, and this is definitely the case with the ice show ‘Surpr'Ice presents a Christmas Dream’. Here, professional figure skaters captivate visitors with acrobatics and choreographies. At the Globe Theatre, 'A Christmas Novel' tells the story of an elderly couple. From 2nd to 4th December, the TV star and huge Christmas fan Ross Antony and his husband, opera singer Paul Reeves, will be presenting the show 'Crazy Christmas' three times a day in the Globe Theatre.

From 5pm, Ed Euromaus invites you to his new, magical 3D video mapping show displayed on the facade of the ‘Eurosat - CanCan Coaster’. Every half hour the ‘Miraculeux - Mapping Show’ enchants visitors with a play of light and colours.

Of course, a perfect day is complete by meeting Ed and his friends. The evening winter parade 'Ed's Starlight Parade' is one of the daily highlights at Europa-Park with its elaborately designed floats and bright costumes.

Another highlight in the winter season is the Dinner Show. Until 12th February 2023, visitors can experience a unique combination of dance, music and artistry in the atmospheric Europa-Park Teatro. This year, the Dinner Show will be directed by Katja Mack for the first time. 2* Michelin chef Peter Hagen-Wiest from the 'Ammolite - The Lighthouse Restaurant' spoils guests with culinary delights, as he has created an exquisite 4-course menu with extraordinary highlights specifically for the show.

Winter Treats

There are also plenty of culinary delights to be found in the new Kambly winter bakery in the French themed area. In the cold season, the pavilion transforms into a bakery where visitors can enjoy the joys of baking in a cosy, warm atmosphere. Under the loving guidance of the Kambly confectioners, guests can decorate gingerbread hearts. They can also look forward to specialties from the leading Swiss brand, such as the lovingly-baked ‘Guezli', based on the Kambly family's original recipes. All pastries are made from exquisite, high-quality and natural ingredients.

Winter specialties can also be found at various stands, as well as in the cosy restaurants in Europa-Park. For example, after a thrilling time in the ice and snow, visitors can warm up with delicious hot soups and eggnog drinks, as well as a selection of waffles and crêpes, or freshly baked Baumstriezeln from the 'Backstüble'.

Mystical water fun

It only takes a few minutes to travel from Switzerland to the far north at the Europa-Park Resort, and in that time, visitors can swap from woolen hats and winter jackets to bikinis and swimming trunks. At the Rulantica water world, visitors escape the dull wintery weather and dive into unforgettable water fun. In a total of 13 Nordic-themed settings, ten of which are open all year round, unlimited fun is guaranteed with numerous slides, a huge wave pool, an exciting water playground and the new roundabout attraction 'Tønnevirvel', which is covered during the winter months. Expeditions to Rulantica work up an appetite, so visitors get a chance to reenergise in the glass conservatory of 'Snekkjas Vinterhage' with a view of the outdoor area of the water world. Afterwards they breathe in the cool winter air in the heated outdoor pool 'Frigg Tempel' and enjoy a cocktail in the covered swim-up bar 'Tempel Krog'.

For those seeking relaxation, a visit to the exclusive relaxation and sauna area 'Hyggedal' is ideal. The wellness oasis with a Nordic ambience offers an impressive view of the entire water world. Cosy loungers and two nude wooden saunas await all visitors aged 18 and over with a large 1,000m² outdoor terrace. The 'KOTA Sauna Chalet' offers a slightly different sauna experience: Here, guests can enjoy the proper sauna experience surrounded by rustic tables and seating, as well as a sauna oven, while enjoying a delicious wheat beer - with or without alcohol. In addition, 'panoraama - the Rulantica Bar' offers delicious bowls and drinks.

In winter 2022/23, visitors can look forward to the first experiences on the third slide tower, 'Nordiskturn'. As even before the new area officially opens, they can relax and enjoy a lot of comfort in the spacious, lovingly-themed lounge areas on the ground floor and on the 1st and 2nd floor.

Anyone who wants to let off steam after their visit to the water world, or before a delicious dinner, can also get in some laps on an artificial ice surface in front of the 'Bubba Svens' restaurant.

New Worlds

Right next to the water world Rulantica and the hotel ‘Krønasår’, even more exciting adventures await. YULLBE PRO is experienced as a group, while YULLBE GO focuses on each individual guest. During the 10-minute VR experiences, visitors can face adventurous challenges on their own.

Spectacular journey of the senses

‘Eatrenalin’ offers the most exciting gastronomy concept in the world. It is located between the 4* superior hotel 'Krønasår' and the VR attraction YULLBE. The creators of this worldwide innovation are the managing partner of Europa-Park Thomas Mack and the gastronomy expert Oliver Altherr. From autumn, guests have been able to look forward to a culinary journey for all of the senses, in which the strengths of the Baden family business flow together in a way that has never been seen before. 'Eatrenalin' combines the patented Floating Chair from MACK Rides, virtual media from MACK Animation and MACK NeXT, and the gastronomic expertise of top Spanish chef Pablo Montoro. The result is a completely new, multi-sensory, fine-dining experience at the highest level.       

Exceptional overnight stays

After a day filled with unforgettable moments, the six park-owned, winter-decorated hotels and the rustic Camp Resort offer the perfect opportunity to end the day with a unique charm. In the lovingly themed worlds of the 4* and 4* superior themed hotels, which vary from Scandinavian landscapes to the deep south to a young America, visitors can experience wonderful moments, and relax and unwind in the spacious wellness and spa areas. In winter, hotel guests can choose between five saunas, three pool areas and two fitness areas.

Fans of westerns can have dreams of their experiences and adventures at the Europa-Park Resort as they rest in heated log cabins or covered wagons at the Camp Resort. This year, the Camp Resort is also open all day. Furthermore, Europa-Park Camping open throughout the winter.

Relaxed arrivals

From 11th December 2022, visitors can get to the Europa-Park Resort even faster. The French railway company SNCF is expanding its TGV INOUI offer with a new stop at the 'Ringsheim/Europa-Park' station. All TGV INOUI with departures or arrivals in Freiburg im Breisgau will then also stop at the 'Ringsheim/Europa-Park' station. From there, visitors can take a shuttle bus to Germany's largest theme park and the Rulantica water world.

* In extreme weather conditions and temperatures, there may be restrictions on the operation of the rides.

  • The Mack family at the magical Circus Revue

  • The managing partners of Europa-Park: Jürgen, Thomas, Roland and Michael Mack (from left to right)

  • The winter season promises magical hours

  • Jürgen and Mauritia Mack together with Dania and Nils Kambly in the Kambly Winter Bakery.

  • Miriam Mack (right) together with Silke Fischer, Managing Director of MÄRCHENLAND e.V., at the exhibition "Andersen's Fairytale Journey at Europa-Park".

  • Rulantica offers water fun in every season

  • Michael Mack at YULLBE GO "Phantom of the Opera"