Season 2022

Fact-Sheet Winter


New Attractions:

  • Kambly Winter Bakery in the French themed area
  • YULLBE GO VR experience ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ by Andrew Lloyd Webber in the Dome of Dreams
  • Art exhibition 'Andersen's Fairytale Journey in Europa-Park' and numerous other activities in cooperation with the Verein Märchenland e.V. in the 'blue fire Dome' in the Icelandic themed area


  • 3,000 fir trees
  • 10,000 Christmas tree baubles
  • 1,500 decorative gifts and 1,500 ribbons
  • 2,500 Christmas roses and 1,000 Christmas stars
  • Traditionally decorated Christmas trees in each themed area, as well as large Christmas trees on Deutsche Allee and on Luxemburger Square

 Further winter specials:

  • Magical Circus Revue with a new show program and award-winning artists
  • Christmas market in the entrance area and in the historic Balthasar Castle Park as well as a Christmas market in ‘Ireland - Children's World’
  • Indoor play area 'WinterWunderWelt' in the Spain theme area
  • Nativity scene exhibition in the Norwegian Stave Church
  • Santa's Office at 'The Three Piglets' in the English themed area
  • 55m high ‘Bellevue’ Ferris wheel in the Portuguese themed area
  • 'FIS Snowkidz - Children's Ski School' and cross-country skiing world 'Skitty World Nordic'
  • 3D video mapping show ‘Miraculeux - Mapping Show’ from 5pm (every half hour)
  • Ice show 'Surpr'Ice presents a Christmas Dream' in the Greek themed area
  • 'A Christmas Novel' at the Globe Theatre in the English themed area
  • Evening 'Ed's Starlight Parade'
  • Show ‘Josefina's Winter Ride’ on the lake in the Austrian themed area
  • Dinner Show at the Europa-Park Teatro (18.11.2022 – 12.2.2023)
  • Magical moments at Europa-Park.