A firework for the senses: Eatrenalin surprises with a new experience from May

A whole new gastronomic experience unlike any you've seen before - Eatrenalin! In addition to its gastronomic excellence, this unique journey of delights combines visual, acoustic and haptic elements into an impressive interplay that touches all senses. For the past six months, the world-first restaurant has been delighting culinary enthusiasts with a first-class fine dining experience. Guests are pampered with a top-class eight-course menu, with meat and seafood or vegan options. Modern and international influences come together to match the respective ambience of the scenery within the various spheres of enjoyment. Even the Michelin Guide has been ‘keeping an eye’ on the innovation: “An almost futuristic form of fine dining experience! Every sense is addressed. The food becomes an experience, the variety of sensations is impressive. After almost two hours, we enthusiastically arrive at the bar with bright eyes."

From 5th May, gourmet travellers can look forward to: The international kitchen team, consisting of Dutch chef Ties van Oosten, French-Austrian chef Pâtissière Juliana Clementz and gastronomy expert Pablo Montoro, who await gourmets with another of their specially-designed menu compositions. "It is a special challenge to embed our creative ideas into the different atmospheres in order to create the perfect taste experience. We are looking forward to presenting our guests with dishes that are new, stunning and at the same time sophisticated! ", says van Oosten. In the Ocean room, guests start by diving into the depths of the sea to enjoy a composition of king crab, navettes with horseradish and buttermilk as part of the ‘Red Dimension’ menu. Alternatively, vegetarians and vegans can enjoy fennel, algae with almond milk and pumpkin seed oil with the ‘Green Dimension’ menu. 

Starting from 195 Euros, Eatrenalin can be enjoyed in various ways. Each course is a culinary work of art with the Eatrenalin Dinner with an eight-course menu and a corresponding drink accompaniment. Whereas the new Eatrenalin Exclusive Dinner offers selected wines, a reserved table in the lounge, additional drinks in the bar and even a little souvenir surprise. At a price of 295 Euros, guests can enjoy a Cuvée Rosé by Laurent-Perrier, 2018 Yamahai Miyama Nishiki Noguchi Naohiko Sake Institute and a Montes Purple Angel. There is also a menu upgrade in the Ocean and Universe rooms. The Eatrenalin Champagne Dinner combines the sensual journey with exclusive champagnes from Laurent-Perrier. The best types of champagne have been selected and carefully matched to the dishes. During the Eatrenalin Sommelier Dinners, an experienced sommelier accompanies guests through the various rooms, serving exquisite fine wines with each of the eight courses. An extraordinary experience for all wine connoisseurs.

The tickets for the experience are available in the online ticket shop. The new booking period from 8th June to 30th July is currently available. Visits can be booked in combination with an overnight stay in the Europa-Park Hotels until 7th January 2024. All information regarding booking options can be found ateatrenalin.de/booking.

  • Nigiri with shiso and fresh wasabi

  • Char, white chocolate, Basil flowers

  • Eatrenalin

  • Delicatessen gourmet Michael Käfer (right) has already congratulated Thomas Mack on the extraordinary fine dining experience

  • The fifth dimension of taste, umami