Star chef Alain Ducasse shares enthusiasm about the world-first restaurant Eatrenalin

For 10 months, the unique gastronomy experience Eatrenalin has been taking culinary enthusiasts to different worlds of delight during its two-hour duration. In addition to the Michelin Guide, Alain Ducasse, one of the best chefs in the world, has now also been able venture on this sensory journey. Impressed by the overall experience, he was visibly enthusiastic about the first-class eight-course menu. “C’est magnifique! " said Ducasse.

The world-first restaurant combines top gastronomic excellence with an impressive interplay of visual, acoustic and tactile impressions that touch all of the senses. The culinary creations, which combine modern and international influences, are conjured up by the international team consisting of chefs Ties van Oosten and Juliana Clementz, who is also chef pâtissière. The dishes blend with the respective ambience and scenery of each of the different spheres of delight.  The founders and managing directors of Eatrenalin, Thomas Mack and Oliver Altherr, were very happy with the exceptional chef's visit: “Receiving such positive feedback from one of the most important chefs of all certainly makes us proud, and shows what an innovative experience Eatrenalin can offer to guests." The French star chef has shaped the history of fine dining like no other. He was the first and only chef to receive three Michelin stars for three of his restaurants at the same time. Today, Alain Ducasse represents a global company with around 30 restaurants from Tokyo to New York. At times, these have held 20 Michelin stars. The fine dining experience is currently bringing guests even more surprises with its second menu composition, promising a breathtaking journey for all of the senses!

  • The French star chef Alain Ducasse ( in the middle) with the initiators of the unique experience Oliver Altherr (left) and Thomas Mack (right).

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  • The world-first restaurant Eatrenalin

  • Juliana Clementz and Ties van Oosten (right) with Alain Ducasse