Prestigious awards for the water world Rulantica

Throughout its history, the Europa-Park Resort has received numerous awards and honours that recognise and reflect the outstanding quality, innovation and commitment at Germany's largest theme park. This overview summarises the most important awards the Rulantica water world has received in chronological order

2023: The Parkscout Audience Award, one of the most important awards in the German theme park industry, was able to set a record again this year. Over 60,000 participants cast their vote, with the Rulantica water world scoring highly with visitors and securing the award as the most popular water park for the second time in a row.

2023: For the third time in a row, the trade magazine 'Parkscout plus' named the Rulantica water world 'Europe’s best water park'. 'Vikingløp', which opened in February 2023 as the largest speed slide in Europe, was also recently awarded the title 'Germany’s best new water slide'.

2023: At the 'Park World Excellence Awards' from the British magazine Park World, Rulantica emerged as 'Best Water Park' and the speed slide 'Vikingløp' was named 'Best Water Park Experience'.

2023: The three most popular water parks in Germany were tested in a special holiday programme on stern TV. Rulantica was found to be impressive across the board, securing the 'Golden Star TV Rubber Duck'. Of particular note was the lovingly-designed and unique Nordic theming, as well as the varied water attractions. The test family rewarded this with the highest score for the category of Holiday Feeling. The water world also scored well for fun factor and price-performance ratio.

2022: Rulantica defends its title as the best water park at the 'Parkscout Audience Awards' in Germany. Almost 60,000 participants voted on the German leisure activities, making the 'Parkscout' Audience Award one of the most important awards in the theme park industry.

2022: The specialist magazine ‘Parkscout plus’ once again honours the Rulantica water world as ‘Europe's best water park’. The specialist magazine Parkscout plus appears quarterly and reports on leisure, animal and holiday parks as well as themed pools.

2022: The European Waterpark Association (EWA) honours Rulantica with the ‘EWA Jubilee Award 2022’. The Association of European Pools, Spas and Waterparks takes the 20th anniversary of the EWA Awards as an opportunity to honour the water world of Europa-Park as an extraordinary project, recognising the entrepreneurial courage of the Mack family as well as the great innovative strength of the project.

2022: The Rulantica water world is awarded the best themed pool and leisure pool in Germany, as part of the Germany Test by Focus Money. Rulantica receives the highest possible rating of 100 points. The independent testers praise the numerous attractions, both for families and adults looking for relaxation.

2022: MackNeXT and VR Coaster look forward to a ‘Golden Wave Award’ in the ‘Smart Technology’ category for ‘Snorri Snorkling VR’. The innovative underwater ride is the world's first installation of VR Coaster's ‘Diving Theatre’, in which visitors accompany the lively Sixtopus Snorri on a virtual underwater experience, exploring the depths of the sea surrounding Rulantica.

2022 The ‘Bernd.Weber Prize’ of the German Life Saving Association (DLRG) honours Rulantica for its exemplary commitment and great cooperation with the DLRG. This cooperation between Rulantica and the DLRG has been expanded with the founding, with the Baden state association, of the DLRG district of Rulantica.

2021: The British trade journal ‘Park World’ once again honours Rulantica as ‘Best Water Park’ at the ‘Park World Excellence Awards 2021’, acknowleding the water world's outstanding quality and innovative strength.

2021: At the 'Parkscout Audience Awards', Rulantica defends its title as the best water park in Germany. Almost 50,000 participants voted on the German leisure activities, making the 'Parkscout' Audience Award one of the most important awards in the theme park industry.

2021: 'Vinter Rytt' is awarded sixth place in 'Europe's best Family Water Slides'. The slide features a steep drop, then up the wall of the halfpipe in the quad tyres.

2021: 'Svalguork' receives the 'European Star Award' from the trade magazine 'Kirmes & Park Revue'. The outdoor slide landscape takes fourth place in the category 'Europe's best new water slides'. 'Snorri Snorkling VR' is awarded seventh place in the same category. Rulantica secured second place in the category 'Europe's best Water Parks’.

2021: ‘Svalgurok' is honoured at the Blooloop Innovation Awards in autumn, where the outdoor slide world won in the ‘Splash' category. The Blooloop Awards honours new and innovative projects, products and services in the leisure industry worldwide.

2021: The World Waterpark Association (WWA) gives Rulantica the renowned 'Leading Edge Award' for the extended outdoor area of the Nordic outdoor slide world. 'Leading Edge' in this context means something like pioneer. It honours particularly innovative and creative projects in the field of water parks and pools.

2021: In October, Rulantica receives the internationally-recognised 'Parksmania Award' in the 'European Park of the Year' category from the online magazine Parksmania.it. The jury named the innovative new products 'Snorri Snorkling VR', 'Snorri Strand' and 'Svalgurok' as reasons.

2021: At the Parkscout plus Award, the editors confirm the Rulantica water world as 'Europe's best water park'.  The specialist magazine Parkscout plus appears quarterly and reports on leisure, animal and holiday parks as well as themed pools. 

2021: The international trade magazine 'Amusement Today' awards the water world 3rd place in the category 'Best Water Park Worldwide'.

2020: The themed water world Rulantica, which opened in 2019, is awarded a 'Leading Edge Award' by the World Waterpark Association (WWA), which particularly honours the teamwork behind Rulantica. In this context, the term 'Leading Edge' means something like 'pioneer'. Established in 1981, the World Waterpark Association (WWA) is an international non-profit trade association for water parks and water amusement facilities of all types and sizes. The World Waterpark Association, based in Overland Park in the US state of Kansas, honours particularly innovative and creative projects in its industry with the award.

2020: Rulantica and Europa-Park is honoured as having the best international facilities of their kind at the 'Park World Excellence Awards 2020' by the British trade magazine 'Park World’ in mid-December 2020. They both landed at the top in their categories of 'Best Water Park' and 'Best Large Amusement Park' with more than 1.5 million visitors annually. Another 'Park World Excellence Award' went to the themed area 'Vinterhal' in the water adventure world Rulantica as 'Best water park experience'. The awards from the British trade magazine 'Park World' recognise the 'very best' operators, suppliers, manufacturers and entertainment specialists from all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

2020: Europa-Park defends its top position in Europe and is once again awarded the 'European Star Award' for 'best amusement park in Europe' in 2020. Among water parks, Rulantica immediately made it to second place after Siam-Park in Tenerife.  “The outstanding Mack entrepreneurial family secures its position in Europe with a great enthusiasm for innovation and investment,” says the international jury. A jury of experts consisting of more than 30 industry representatives and journalists from the leisure industry, including rollercoaster engineer Dr. h.c. Werner Stengel and the entertainment scientist Dr. Sacha Szabo.

2020: At the end of 2020, 'Parkscout' is presented with the coveted Audience Awards for the 15th time, one of the most important awards in the German amusement park industry. Once again, over 55,000 participants cast their votes on the German leisure activities. It was not only Europa-Park that achieved top marks, but also Rulantica, Europa-Park's water world, which was recognised as the best adventure pool.

2020: 'Rulantica - the new water world of Europa-Park' receives the 'Parkscout plus Award' as 'Germany's best water park' after just 11 months. 'Parkscout plus' is a German specialist magazine for the leisure industry. 

  • The interactive water carousel Tønnevirvel offers fun all year round

  • Vikingløp, the largest speed slide in Europe

  • The Surf Fjørd wave pool in the centre of Rulantica