Tents, covered wagons and log cabins

The Wild West can be found just behind Europa-Park

Morning mist sweeps over the Birkensee. Quaint log cabins and covered wagons line the idyllic shores. The first rays of sunshine make their way through the cloud cover and tickle wild rabbits on the nose as they play hide and seek between tipi tents. In the Camp Resort, you can feel the vastness of the prairie, which extends to the floodplains of the Taubergießen nature reserve. Just a stone's throw from the main entrance of Europa-Park and around 2.5 kilometres from the water world Rulantica, you won’t need seven-mile boots to get from the wild west to the far north of Iceland or the deep south of Spain.

Authentic tipi tents and covered wagons alongside rustic log cabins offer tired adventurers a wildly romantic camp where they can recharge, ready for more new expeditions after an eventful time in Germany's largest theme park or the water adventure. At the cosy campfire, instead of blue beans, there are juicy steaks and crispy sausages. If you don't want to grill your prey yourself, bite into Texas burgers, western steaks and spare ribs in the 210-seat Silver Lake Saloon. Behind the wooden facade, which would be right at home in a a 19th century western town, hides the large hall with a western bar, a stage for performances of all kinds and a variety of seating. Round tables and small seating nooks offer space for 140 gunslingers. They leave enough space for wild stories in a sociable atmosphere. The gallery on the upper floor is equipped with a further 70 seats. If you wish to gazes upon the Camp Resort, you are in good hands on the terrace by the lake. Also available to visitors is the the self-service restaurant Cantina Amigo with 120 seats inside and 50 seats on the terrace.

The Camp Resort offers plenty of space for guests of all ages. Families and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as school classes and clubs, will find romantic campsites in a scenic environment. Whether at the idyllic bathing lake with extensive green areas, beach volleyball court, the fascinating nature centre of Rheinauen or the tennis courts - there are various opportunities for activities in the immediate vicinity of the Camp Resort. All tipi tents, covered wagons and log houses are heated, have a socket, electric light and WiFi and combine great freedom with all the comforts of modern civilisation. Where else can you cuddle up on real mattresses while also in a tent? Modern sanitary facilities turn a holiday to the wild west into an even more comfortable experience.

When arriving at the Camp Resort, wooden signs will show you the way past the totem pole to the tipi tents. At cosy fireplaces with free firewood, adventurers can relax together and tell tales about the day's experiences in Germany's largest theme park. When the last signs of smoke have risen in the evening sky, everyone can creep back to the comfort of their tents and drift off into the land of dreams.

Recharging for the next day's adventures, as well as dreaming of the Wild West, comes easy in one of 13 stylish covered wagons, each for four people, situated on the banks of the idyllic Birkensee, which invite Charles Goodnight & Co. with bag and baggage to spend the night.

If you love camping, yet want something little more comfort, the Camp Resort still has your needs covered: The Comfort covered wagons offer plenty of highlights for up to four people. This includes a double bed as well as a loft bed for the adventurous types. The wagons also feature a seating area, a heat pump that heats or cools as needed, a refrigerator and power outlets with USB ports, allowing guests to experience unforgettable stays at the Camp Resort.

Seven quaint, heated log cabins also offer plenty of space for adventure-hungry fans of the outdoors. The alternative accommodation was made from individual logs and divided into 4 to 16 rooms. Cosy prairie adventures await in ‘Winnetou's Honeymoon Suite’: The log cabin suite is equipped with two double beds, TV, air conditioning, underfloor heating, a bath with shower, and a small terrace that ensures cosy stay.

Three wooden covered wagons, five comfort covered wagons, the seven log cabins and the honeymoon suite are continuously open at the Europa-Park Camp Resort from 22nd March to 12th January 2025 (excl. 24th/25th December 2024). The tipi tents and the rest of the covered wagons are available for adventurers of all ages from 23rd March 2024 to 3rd November 2024.

Also, a stay at the Camp Resort can be conveniently reserved online. Visitors can secure their overnight stay in a cosy covered wagon, the rustic ‘Winnetou's Honeymoon Suite’ or choose between various sizes of tipis and log cabin room.

For those who prefer to spend the night within their own four walls, Europa-Park Camping also features 76 tent sites and 219 parking spaces for mobile homes. Camping guests have access to electricity, a bread roll service, a fresh water and disposal station, hot and cold drinks and snack machines. For a relaxed start to the eventful holiday, it is recommended to reserve the pitch or the campsite, situated in a fenced meadow, online in advance.

The Europa-Park Camp Resort is becoming even more beautiful! Expansion and renovation work will be taking place in 2024. Further information atwww.europapark.de/camp-resort und www.europapark.de/camping