At the Europa-Park Resort, safety is the top priority

With a comprehensive and detailed safety policy in place, Germany's largest theme park ensures that the staff and over 100 attractions meet the highest safety standards every day.

All rollercoasters and all other attractions are subject to an annual inspection by the TÜV, and supplemented by daily internal checks before opening the park. All attractions are equipped with numerous safety systems and sensors, and complete a total of over 100 million rides per year.

 Year after year, Europa-Park invests considerable sums in security measures, maintenance and modernisation. All actions are planned and carried out in close coordination with the relevant authorities. Europa-Park is also in regular contact with security experts and industry specialists to ensure that all measures comply with current standards.

The Europa-Park Resort, which includes Germany’s largest theme park, the Rulantica water world, numerous event spaces and six 4* (superior) hotels is comparable to a small city, with more than six million annual visitors and around 4,800 employees. It is of course regrettable that isolated, completely varying incidents occur here. However, it is crucial that incidents remain very minor and that all processes and measures are carried out safely and smoothly to protect visitors and employees. The Europa-Park Resort has detailed emergency plans for these cases, as well as trained staff that react quickly and efficiently. As a family business, we can draw on decades of experience in theme park operations.

Daily security checks are standard at Europa-Park

All rides are subject to regular safety checks in accordance with the guidelines of the DIN standards for the ‘Construction and Operation of Flying Structures”. There are also daily checks carried out by the operating staff and specialist technicians. In collaboration with TÜV Süd, the technical facilities of the attractions in Europa-Park are regularly checked.

In order to guarantee optimal safety, all systems are monitored by a tested safety control system, which immediately registers even the slightest changes to the system and triggers an automatic blocking and braking system, creating a ‘Safe System State’ and thus bringing the ride to a standstill.

Employee safety training

The safety measures at the Europa-Park Resort include intensive and regular employee training in the form of general basic instructions, as well as special training for particularly relevant areas. This safety training is repeated every year for every employee, taking into account any technical changes.

Emergency plans: Emergency operations are also rehearsed

Regular training missions carried out in cooperation with external organisations, such as the DLRG in the Rulantica water world, help to promote cooperation and local knowledge in the event of an emergency. If this ever occurs, a sophisticated emergency response plan will be enacted. At the same time, the park's own, continuously-manned medical station as well as the company fire department, which consists of around 90 volunteer and full-time firefighters, will be alerted. The technical emergency service ensures protection and repairs of damage. The Europa-Park employees have already proven in many exercises that the emergency operations plan works well. Emergency situations are drilled at regular intervals, with no disturbance to visitors.

TÜV safety certificate

The annual inspection in 2023 also revealed no complaints and was once again able to certify that Europa-Park complies with all quality requirements as a certified theme park.

To grant this certification, the experts check all components for wear, damage, material fatigue, rust and functionality. This also includes safety components and parts that are exposed to high loads such as brackets, wheels and brakes. Civil engineers examine the weld seams and screws, mechanical engineers examine the drive, locks and wear on the wheels and clutch. Electrical engineers also check the software that both controls the attractions and stops them in the event of a malfunction.

Europa-Park first received the TÜV safety certificate in 2003 and was the first theme park in the world to receive such a certificate. In doing so, it set international industry standards. Rollercoasters are considered one of the safest means of transportation worldwide. Europa-Park owner Roland Mack, in his role as President of the International Association of the Leisure Industry (IAAPA), strongly promoted the issue of "Safety in Rides" as the most important goal for all operators.

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