Official opening:

Alpine Express ‘Enzian’ and ‘Tirol Log Flume’ return, while the ‘Yomi Adventure Trail’ awaits explorers

With the Alpine Express ‘Enzian’ and the ‘Tirol Log Flume’, two traditional classics return to the Austrian themed area with a brand new splendour. The charming family rollercoaster and the refreshing log boat ride wind through the impressive ‘Magical Valley of Diamonds’ and bring fun for all ages. The ‘Yomi Adventure Trail’ is completely new, an adventurous high-altitude trail with suspension bridges, plenty of climbing elements and two slides that take guests up the rocks that reach up to twelve metres in height to the ‘Gemstone Grotto’. ‘Alpenexpress Coastiality’ also has a new VR adventure waiting for you.

In the heart of the Austrian themed area is the new 'Magical Valley of Diamonds’, which will captivate little adventurers and big explorers alike as the Alpine mountains and raging rivers make their way past waterfalls that cascade into the depths and past majestic rock formations.

A returning classic: The Alpine Express ‘Enzian’

With the completely renovated Alpine Express ‘Enzian’, guests can fly through the picturesque Austrian mountains as the family friendly rollercoaster rushes past rock formations and thundering waterfalls at up to 45 km/h, through the 'Magical Valley of Diamonds'. The newly-returned classic continues to impress with its timeless charm and two laps of riding joy. A double delight that visitors are sure to remember! The crowd favourite also promises an exciting introduction to the world of rollercoasters for the youngest visitors (from four years old). Awaken the thrills and curiosity for more adventures with every steep climb and every rapid descent. With a lift for wheelchair users, the attraction also now features barrier-free accessibility.In the new virtual reality adventure 'Fina & the Yomis - Magical World of Diamonds VR', visitors experience a virtual carriage ride on the 'Alpenexpress Coastiality'! What begins as a quiet journey, however, quickly develops into an exciting swoop through a magical landscape of caves that are reminiscent of the former 'Yomi’s Magical World of Diamonds'. There are also six additional VR adventures to choose from.

Refreshing ride in a tree trunk: The 'Tirol Log Flume'

First opened in 1978, the 'Tirol Log Flume' continues to delight all future visitors, as passengers sail over mountains and valleys in a hollowed-out tree trunk. The journey begins with climbing a steep rock, which not only gets the heart racing but also offers a fantastic view. Things go rapidly downhill into the 'Magical Valley of Diamonds', where there’s also a Yomi or two to spot. The small, green mythical creatures were thought up by MACK Magic and have been hidden throughout the Austrian theme area and in the Enchanted Forest Cinema

Awaken the spirit of discovery: The 'Yomi Adventure Trail'

The 'Yomi Adventure Trail' is completely new for 2024. The adventurous circular route is filled with suspension bridges, climbing elements and slides that take courageous explorers through the 'Magical Valley of Diamonds' across rocks up to twelve metres high. In addition to a magnificent all-round view, there are also one or two optional challenges waiting for adventurers of all ages.

Memorabilia and souvenirs: The 'Gemstone Grotto'

In the newly-designed, mysterious 'Gemstone Grotto (only available in German)’, there are also plenty of surprised all about the Yomi Village. Visitors explore the home of the mythical creatures, who use their magical nature powers for lots of practical jokes. The shop offers a large selection of jewellery, as well as sparkling gemstones and crystals.

 In the corresponding picture book adventure 'Fina & the Yomis - The Secret of the magical gems' a dangerous witch roams through the mountains and puts the Yomi village in danger! Can Fina help the Yomis save their homeland? Available from spring in the Europa-Park Resort, in the online shop and in stores everywhere.

  • The Europa-Park owner family Mack at the official opening of the attractions in the Austrian themed area

  • The managing partners and partners of Europa-Park at the reopening of the the Alpine Express ‘Enzian’ in 2024

  • Roland (l.) and Franz Mack (r.) at the opening of the Alpine Express ‘Enzian’ (formerly Grottenblitz) in 1982

  • The Alpine Express ‘Enzian’, the 'Tirol Log Flume' and the 'Yomi Adventure Trail'

  • The attractions wind their way through the new, impressive 'Magical Valley of Diamonds’