The worldwide innovation that transcends borders

Ignore the laws of physics and nature as if you were in a dream, meet fantastic creatures and wield unearthly powers. What was once only seen in Hollywood is now a reality not too far from Europa-Park – a virtual reality that enchants all who enter i...

Dates & Facts


HALLOWinter at Europa-Park

Anyone who has always shied away from being spoiled for choice and couldn't decide between bright orange pumpkins and snow-covered Christmas trees should mark November bold in their calendar. For the first time in its history, Europa-Park is also ope...

Immerse yourself in unknown worlds: Overcome time and space with YULLBE

Who hasn’t dreamed of going beyond the human limits and becoming someone else in a distant universe, even for a moment? With the new virtual reality experience 'YULLBE', all of this is possible ... From 17th September, a VR experience of a completely...

The Pirates are Back!

After a long wait, the big moment finally arrived this morning: The 'Pirates in Batavia' have returned to the Dutch themed area at Germany's largest theme park! For owners the Mack family and thousands of loyal fans, the new and yet much-beloved attr...

Feast with the 'Pirates in Batavia'

The pirates have returned to the Dutch themed area - and they have brought all kinds of exotic delicacies with them from their adventures. In addition to the popular attraction itself, the 'Bamboe Baai' restaurant was also reopened on 28th July 2020 ...

Facts & Figures


Just like the original, only even better!

The sun slowly sets behind the wooden gables of the port city of Batavia and bathes the houses in a golden light. But this picturesque image is deceptive… as the pirates are in town! Bartholomeus van Robbemond and Diablo Cortez are on a spectacular c...

The countdown has started

Preparations are in full swing, the anticipation is great: On 29th May 2020, Europa-Park will finally open its doors for visitors. The four Managing Partners of Europa-Park introduced the special measures and preparations for the season and answered ...


We welcome the national easing of Coronavirus related restrictions announced by the government on 6th May 2020 and further the announcements of opening dates in the press release from 7th May. We have been intensively preparing for a re-opening of Eu...

MackNeXT selects the world's best innovations in the field of mixed realities

Entertainment of the future - on 16th January 2020, the AUREA Award was presented for the second time at an international conference. Pioneers in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) came together to meet colleagues from all over the world...

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