The worldwide innovation that transcends borders

Ignore the laws of physics and nature as if you were in a dream, meet fantastic creatures and wield unearthly powers. What was once only seen in Hollywood is now a reality not too far from Europa-Park – a virtual reality that enchants all who enter i...

Parkscout Award 2009/2010:

Europa-Park is the best theme park in Germany! Approximately 43,000 readers of the German theme park website have participated in this year´s Parkscout Award election and decided that Europa-Park is the winner in the category “Best Th...

35 years, 10 roller coasters & countless adventures:

Ship ahoy! In 2010, it’s getting wet at Europa-Park! The new family attraction “Whale Adventures – Splash Tours” invites young and old to go on an exciting expedition towards Iceland. But those who prefer staying on the mainland will also have plenty...

Splashy family fun on high seas with ”Whale Adventures – Splash Tours”

“Aye, aye Captain!” - the crew gets ready for the expedition in a joyful turmoil between boxes and ships, just before the boat leaves the little Icelandic fisher harbour. With the family water attraction “Whale Adventures – Splash Tours”, visitors he...

Fascinating natural gas:

From the season 2010 on, the guests of Europa-Park will enjoy the fascinating world of energy in general and natural gas in particular. The cooperation between Europa-Park and the Russian and worldwide active company GAZPROM has given birth to a uniq...

What´s new in 2010


Splashy family fun for Europa-Park's 35th birthday:

Starboard or portside? Down in the galley or up on deck? When the wind changes and as the boat leaves the little Icelandic fisher harbour and heads for the open sea, some "Ship ahoy" resounds and everybody takes his position behind the water cannons ...

An idyllic retreat from the daily grind

For anyone yearning to escape the dreary monotony of their daily routine, Europa-Park’s hotel resort is an ideal place to stay. The four park-owned 4-star hotels El Andaluz, Castillo Alcazar, Colosseo and Santa Isabel offer superior comfort in a thor...

Meetings, dinner events and fun:

Since the term “Confertainment” was first coined, Germany’s biggest theme park has gained widespread fame well beyond regional borders as a first-rate conference and event location. Invented by Europa-Park back in 1998, the Confertainment concept ...

Industry news:

Michael Mack, member of Europa-Park´s management, has been appointed to the IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) Europe Advisory Board.

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