Rulantica – Die Indoor-Wasserwelt

Rulantica – The Indoor Water World

After a long wait, the big moment finally arrived on 29th November 2019: 'Rulantica - the new water world at Europa-Park' is ready to be discovered! Pointing their compasses north, curious seafarers are taken to Scandinavia in a gigantic indoor water world. On 32,600 square metres, adventurers young and old can explore nine themed areas and 25 unique water attractions. Hungry and exhausted from the exciting expedition, the adjacent 4* superior hotel 'Krønasår - The Museum Hotel' offers a variety of options to regain some energy as well as cosy accommodation for the night.

After only 26 months of construction, the groundbreaking large-scale project 'Rulantica - the new water world at Europa-Park' shone in all its glory. In addition to the sixth themed hotel 'Krønasår', the owners, the Mack family, have realised their dream of a 450,000 square metre expansion in the form of a second park - a spectacularly themed water world in Scandinavian style. Since the end of November 2019, numerous water attractions, including 17 slides, have been guaranteeing splashy fun in the breathtaking, 20-metre-high hall.

The water world Rulantica is embedded in a historical world full of mysterious sagas and Nordic myths. This world can be experienced, for example, through the novels and audio plays about Rulantica. These stories also feature the six-armed octopus Snorri, the ubiquitous mascot of the aquatic world. Snorri can be seen up close in Rulantica itself in the Lazy River 'Snorri's Saga'.

The (water) world around Rulantica does not stand still. On the contrary, the outdoor area was extensively expanded in summer 2020, so that visitors who love the sun can really make the most of the warmer season. Since autumn 2020, visitors can further look forward to the exclusive Hyggedal relax and sauna area, in which two rustic saunas, comfortable loungers and a wonderful outdoor terrace ensure pure relaxation. In 2021, the outdoor area was expanded again: With Svalgurok, it was not only a gigantic slide tower that was built, but also Germany's largest water playground. Next door, Snorri Strand invites the youngest of Rulantica visitors to have a fun time.

Since summer 2021, guests of the water world can also look forward to the immersive virtual reality underwater experience ‘Snorri Snorkling VR’.