Emotions and unforgettable moments: The year of spectacular shows at Europa-Park


Arena-Action a la Hollywwod: "The Gladiators are coming??

Thrilling action, exciting stunts and spectacular special effects are waiting for the visitors, when they are watching the Gladiator-Stuntshow in the Spanish Arena, which has been remodelled into an amphitheatre. The premium spectacle with over 22 artists and 10 horses is one of the most costly shows ever produced at Europa-Park.
The top-class show "The Gladiators are coming?? is the highlight of the season 2004 and will fascinate the audience. An exciting battle between mounted legions, brave legionnaires and Roman gladiators, packed with spectacular action and comical performances, is waiting for the visitors. The ground trembles and 2000 visitors are thrilled, when the gladiators are entering the arena. In the style of historic examples, tridents and battle axes are used, golden chariots are entering the scene and brave warriors are fighting with lances and swords. The audience decides about victory and defeat.
The new show, which is unique in Germany, is staged by Mario Luraschi. The French master of horsemanship and stunt-coordinator is famous for his excellent work with horses. The 55 year old stuntman has already taken part in over 400 movies with his daring "Chevaliers?. Among them "Napoléon?, "Winnetou", "Highlander III", "The Man in the Iron Mask", "The Three Musceteers" or recently "Blueberry?.
Not suitable for children under the age of four. (Approx. 35 minutes)

Variety-Show "Colossal?

It's showtime: dreams come true and a world full of emotions opens up - this is "Colossal?, a vanguard revue with first-class artistry, terrific dances and subtle clownery, which can be seen in the "Teatro dell'Arte?.
More than just a connecting element: the Europa-Park Ballet. In their first performance the 10 dancers combine the ancient and the modern Rome in an appealing lifestyle-choreography, which leads over seamlessly to the performance of the Spanish comedy-entertainer Duvan Siles. Laughing is guaranteed, when the brilliant artist with his racy and humourous acrobatics is on stage with his trampoline (until August). When the Europa-Park Ballet tap-dances dressed in classical black and white on the stage of the "Teatro dell'Arte? in the Italian themed area, the audience feels as if being on the Broadway. The Duo Danshouding amazes with their expressive acrobatics performance. The German-Chinese duo has been honoured on the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo with a special award and thrilled the audience of the Canadian "Cirque du Soleil?. Pace, power and dynamics - the Farellos, sensational comical artistry on a unicycle. The young, comical, peppy and award-winning Farellos (for example: 27. International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo) thrill the audience with their performance (starting in September). Not only the programme, but also the finale is unique: the baroque pomp of Italy is reflected in the luxurious costumes - it's just "Colossal?. (Approx. 25 minutes)

Ice-Show "Surprise?

The newly staged show combines challenging figure skating, artistic virtuosity, modern choreography, wonderful music, fascinating costumes and spectacular effects. The famous figure skater Norbert Schramm, who won the European Championships several times and who was runner-up in the World Championship, has choreographed this spectacle especially for Europa-Park. The international team of 15 figure skaters (from USA, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Russia and Ukraina) presents a composition of sports and live entertainment. In ten scenes, which are supported by enthralling music and a fascinating light-show, the figure skaters (all of them have won international prizes) present highly challenging performances. The Ice-Show "Surprise? is definitely an unforgettable event for the whole family! (Approx. 25 minutes)

"Festival of Fools? (Globe Theatre)

This season, the "Festival of Fools? is presented in the Globe-Theatre, which is situated in the English themed area. A cast of 10 international artists, clowns and actors takes the visitors into the world of jugglers. In the original reproduction of the London Shakespeare Theatre, the visitors can see an entertaining "Festival of Fools? with a lot of comedy and fun. (Approx. 25 minutes)


More than 80 artists participate in the beautiful Europa-Park-Parade, which moves through Germany's biggest theme park every day. Apart from performers and artists, of course also Euromaus and his friends join the parade and walk by the visitors, accompanied by beautifully designed vehicles. As the gladiators have entered Europa-Park this year, an especially designed chariot with Romans and gladiators has been added to the parade. The colourful Europa-Park-Parade is a jolly spectacle for the whole family and definitely suitable for some great snapshots. (Approx. 30 minutes)

Character-Show "The Mystery of the Colosseo?

Eurofant and his friends go on a fascinating trip through Italy, when trying to disclose the "Mystery of the Colosseo?, the new Character-Show on the open-air stage in the Italian themed area.
In order to be able to once star as a gladiator in the arena, Eurofant has to solve some problems? because only if he finds "Cesar's golden crown?, is he allowed to participate in the Gladiator-Stuntshow. Therefore Eurofant, Maus, Mausi and their friends go on a trip to Italy, stopping over in Venice, Rome and Naples? A happy ending is guaranteed in this show, which will thrill your children's hearts! (Approx. 25 minutes)

"The Beauty and the Beast? in the Children's Theatre

Because of the stunning success of the previous year, "The Beauty and the Beast? is presented also this season in the Children's Theatre.
A young prince is turned into a disgusting beast, because he once banished a beggar woman from his castle. Only when a girl falls in love with him, he will be turned back into a human - but only if this happens before his 21st birthday. The beautiful girl Belle, whose father has been captured by the beast, lives in a small village. When looking for her father, she comes to the castle in order to free him. The beast gives the father back his freedom, but the girl has to stay in the castle. When the beast and Belle start liking each other, a happy ending is guaranteed! The French fairy tale by Jeanne Marie Leprince de Beaumont is presented at Europa-Park several times each day in an act version suitable for children with a lot of esprit and poetry. (Approx. 25 minutes)

Colosseo Piazza Roma: "Anfiteatro dell'Acqua?

The "Anfiteatro dell'Acqua? is situated in the centre of the piazza in the new hotel "Colosseo?, which is designed in Roman-Italian style. It is an interactive multimedia-show with water and light, which is absolutely unique in Europe with its novel technology. The fountain has a height of over 30 metres. The computer-controlled "Anfiteatro dell'Acqua? has 52 independent jumping jets. Visitors of Europa-Park and hotel guests can experience an exceptional symphony with popular melodies, water and light several times a day. The custom product has been manufactured by the French company "Aquatique Show International?, that has for example produced trick fountains for the EXPO in Hannover, the Taj Mahal (India) and the castle Versailles. (Approx. 8 minutes)

Other shows: "Raptor-Presentation? (May 20th until September 12th) (Scandinavia), Nivea Children's Show (Children's World), Street Artists, Parrot-Show (Spain), Puppet-Show "Mini Dlin? (Russia), Flamenco-Show (Spain)