Special Events 2005


March 17th: TV Production "Die Superfans - Überraschungsshow mit Kai Pflaume?
TV event with the popular German TV presenter Kai Pflaume. Guests: Anastacia, Zucchero, Sarah Connor and many more. The show will be produced in Europa-Park's Silver Star Dome.

March 19th: "SWR3 Elch-Party? at Europa-Park
Europa-Park will start its anniversary season 2005 with more than 15 hours of comedy, music, dance and thrill. Celebrate with SWR3 comedy star Andreas Müller, the SWR3 Band, the SWR3 Live Lyrix, the SWR3 DanceNight and all of the attractions at Europa-Park.

March 26th - 28th: "Milka Schmunzelhasen Rallye?
From March 26th - 28th, the "Milka Schmunzelhasen Rallye? will be oranised at Europa-Park. All visitors can take part in a big prize contest and check out the Milka Adventure Truck with a fun ski-jumping simulator and a climbing wall. In addition, Clown Peppino will entertain our youngest visitors.

April 10th: Presentation of the "Kleinkunstpreis Baden-Württemberg?
Once again, the award ceremony of the "Kleinkunstpreis Baden-Württemberg? will take place in Europa-Park's splendid "Teatro dell'Arte?.

April 16th: Bianca Day in cooperation with the ZDF (German TV station)
Since November 1st 2004, the first German telenovela "Bianca? is being broadcasted. Now, the more than 2,5 million fans of this very successful ZDF production can meet the actors and get their autographs and pictures. The Bianca Day, which will take place in the Italian themed area, will probably be presented by the popular TV presenter Marco Schreyl.

May 10th: TV Production "SWR-Rasthaus?
Also this year, the well-known information programme about cars and traffic is produced at Europa-Park.

May 16th - 20th: "SWR1 Holiday-Radio?
From May 16th - 20th our visitors can learn more about the production of a radio show: In the glass studio at Europa-Park, the popular SWR1 radio programme "Holiday Radio? will be broadcasted live - visitors are welcome to participate!

May 26th - 30th: TV Production "Deutschlands größte Hits?
On May 26th, 28th and 30th, the German TV station ARD will produce three entertainment shows in Europa-Park's Silver Star Dome. Jörg Pilawa will present Germany's greatest hits and many international stars.

June 5th - 7th: Europa-Park Eagles Golf-Charity-Cup
The first celebrity golf tournament on the newly opened golf course near Europa-Park. For further information about the golf course, please go to www.epfeelgood.de.

June 7th: Science Day for Kids
For the first time, a "Science Day for Kids? is organised at Europa-Park this year. On June 7th, also the youngest "researchers? (nursery school and basic school) have the chance to learn interesting facts about science and technology.

June 18th - 19th: EDEKA Day
Friends and customers of EDEKA celebrate at Europa-Park!

June 19th & 26th / July 3rd, 10th, 24th & 31st / August 7th, 14th, 28th / September 4th:
ARD Live Programme "Immer wieder sonntags?
With a new concept and the new presenter Stefan Mross, the popular entertainment programme with music and many popular guests is broadcasted live from Europa-Park on Sunday morning.

June 21st: IKEA Midsummer Party
The longest day of the year will be celebrated at Europa-Park with traditional Swedish food, live music and much more in the scenery of Europa-Park's Scandinavian themed area and the new water coaster Atlantica SuperSplash.

June 21st: Euromusique-Festival
In cooperation with the Ministery of Culture, Education and Sports Baden-Württemberg, more than 2.500 children and youngsters will make music on different stages at Europa-Park.

June 30th: ARD TV Production "Wenn das kein Grund zum Feiern ist?
The popular German entertainer Michael Schanze invites you to celebrate a glamorous anniversary show with music, talk and many famous guests in Europa-Park's Silver Star Dome. Broadcast: July 16th, 8.15 pm on ARD.

July 2nd: "Days of Steel? - Harley Davidson Meeting
The legendary biker day at Europa-Park.

July 3rd: Coca-Cola Day
Already for the 14th time, the Coca-Cola Day will take place at Europa-Park this year. Coca-Cola invites important customers and employees to spend an unforgettable day at Europa-Park together with their families. In addition to the attractions at Europa-Park, Coca-Cola offers special entertainment and a "refreshing? surprise for all visitors of Europa-Park!

July 8th: Opening Ceremony of the "Schwarzwald Jugendspiele?
"Sports, fun and vitality? - this is the motto of this year's "Schwarzwald Jugendspiele?. More than 1.000 youngsters from many European countries will present 12 different types of sport, among them several Olympic events.

July 9th: Schwarzwald Tourismustag (Black Forrest Tourism Day)
The Black Forrest congratulates Europa-Park on its 30th anniversary! On July 9th, traditional folkloristic groups as well as typical arts and crafts are presented at Europa-Park.

July 9th - 17th: Birthday Week with big Birthday Parade

July 14th: European Festivals: "Vive la France?
Europa-Park celebrates its 30th anniversary together with all of its French guests!

July 16th: Birthday Party "30 Years Europa-Park?
Europa-Park is one big party - with celebrations everywhere! On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, Europa-Park will open its doors until midnight - with many special events.

July 17th: MAMMA MIA!-Party with ABBA's greatest hits
With almost 20 million visitors, MAMMA MIA! is the most successful musical in the world. One of the reasons for this success is its great music, which was composed by the world-famous Swedish band ABBA. On the occasion of Europa-Park's 30th anniversary, the performers of the musical in Stuttgart will celebrate the biggest MAMMA MIA!-Party in Germany at Europa-Park on July 17th!

July 29th - August 1st: European Festivals: "Swiss Festival?
Learn more about the beautiful country Switzerland and celebrate a traditional Swiss Festival at Europa-Park!

August 5th - 6th: European Festivals: "Italian Evenings on the Piazza Roma?
Italian flair in southern Germany. An impressive ambience with delicious antipasti, exquisite wines and Italian music in Europa-Park's beautiful 4-star hotel "Colosseo?.

August 13th: "Bravo Happy Holiday Open-Air? and "DJ Bobo Concert Pirate of Dance?
A great party with many live show-acts will take place on Europa-Park's open-air area on August 13th! By the way: this year, the international artists of Europa-Park will be on tour with the popular Swiss superstar DJ Bobo.

August 20th: NIVEA Children's Party
A big party for little kids: Euromaus, Nobbi and the coolest breakdancer in the world celebrate a "cool? party together with our youngest visitors!

August 26th - 27th: European Festivals: "Spanish Feria?
Delicious sangria, Mediterranean paella, great Flamenco performances, hot-blooded horses and passionate matadors bring Spanish ambience to Europa-Park.

September 4th: Rock'n Roll Day
Let's dance: numerous Rock'n Roll clubs perform on different stages at Europa-Park.

September 5th - 11th: European Festivals: "Medieval Market?
In the midst of Europa-Park's centuries-old castle park in the German themed area you can travel back in time and visit a typical 15th century market.

October 7th - 9th: European Festivals: "Oktoberfest?
The most popular German folk festival, the Bavarian Oktoberfest, will find its way to Europa-Park from October 7th - 9th. Proper Bavarian music, great food and a lot of fun are guaranteed!

October 20th - 22nd: Science Days
Already for the 5th time, Europa-Park invites students and teachers to learn more about scientific phenomenons and physical actions. Last year, over 22.000 students have visited the Science Days at Europa-Park!

October 29th - November 6th: Halloweenfestival
A spine-chilling Halloween highlight with creepy Evening-Parade and spectacular Halloween-Show. Definitely a must-see for all fans of Halloween!

October 31st: SWR3 Halloween-Party
The biggest Halloween-Party in Germany: ghosts, vampires and goblins celebrate the great SWR3 Halloween-Party at Europa-Park.

November 26th: Big Santa Claus Gathering and Beginning of the Winter Season
Already for the fourth time, all Santas will get free admission to Europa-Park on the first day of the winter opening. Let's set a new world record!

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