Atlantica SuperSplash: New attraction 2005


Official start of construction: November 25th 2004

Opening: Beginning of the season 2005

Type: Water attraction "SuperSplash?, designed by Mack Rides in Waldkirch. World novelty: first attraction of this type with boats that big, which rotate and run backwards. Innovative magnetic brakes to adjust the splashing when the boat enters the water.

Theming: First component of the future Portuguese themed area, historical classification: 14th - 17th century, time of exploration; the first construction phase 2005 includes: attraction, entrance/exit area, lake

Height: 32 meters, second highest attraction at Europa-Park

Length: 390 meters

Vehicles: 5 boats, each one for 16 persons (4 persons per row)

Capacity: 1.400 persons/hour

Speed: approx. 80 km/h, second fastest attraction at Europa-Park

Track width: 4 meters, because of the exceptional track width, the tracks could not be delivered, they had to be mounted on site, altogether 1.000 parts were bolted together

Area: all in all, more than 15.000 square metres, with an artifical lake of 4.400 square metres

Power supply: approximately 20 km of cables and wires had to be run and connected, for example electricity, gas, air pressure, video control, safety systems, etc.

Safety systems: latest Siemens technology, type 317 F, FAIL Safe CPU

Station: designed in the style of a Portuguese fortress from the 16th century

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