Terenzi Horror Nights 2009 – A trip into the personal horror movie

Nightmares come true at Europa-Park!

The “Terenzi Horror Nights” are the fright event of the year for everyone who enjoys a good scare. Europa-Park and Director Marc Terenzi invite their guests into an obscure world between reality and horror movie, where monsters, ghosts and bloodthirsty vampires await their prey in the darkness. Courageous visitors experience an unforgettable fright night with breathtaking special effects and haunting sceneries just like out of a Hollywood movie!


After the sensational success of the Terenzi Horror Nights 2007 and 2008, Europa-Park and Marc Terenzi once again present the ultimate Halloween event from 25 September 2009 on in Germany’s biggest theme park. Last year over 30,000 brave horror fans defied their fears and were chased through dark alleys and haunted houses by zombies, demons and bizarre characters. But that was just the beginning. This year it’s all even bigger and scarier!
All guests of the Terenzi Horror Nights 2009 should prepare themselves for a unique horror trip that will keep them up for the nights to come: Movie-like settings in four areas with over 100 actors, Hollywood make-up and special effects artists, seven main attractions with eerie background stories and the professional team around genre specialist Marc Terenzi turn the Terenzi Horror Nights 2009 into the largest horror spectacle in Europe!

All seven ill-fated attractions hold dreadful secrets, shocking stories which will curdle one’s blood, making the Terenzi Horror Nights 2009 a walk-in horror movie experience. The visitors are not only spectators anymore, but also part of the action!

- The Kingdom of Lost Souls leads through The Temple and The Tomb where the gruesome fate of King Antonius becomes a frightening and personal adventure.
- The Underworld catapults its victims into a dimension beyond death.
- How do demons celebrate Carnival? The Carn-Evil will show!
- What happens when an insane doctor illegally operates on his patients to remove the part of their brains responsible for the emotion of fear? The dreadful answers will be found in The Asylum.
- Since last year the undead princess Rosemarie spreads fear and terror and she still has not found her rest, because Rosemarie’s Nightmare continues…
- A very special treat of the Terenzi Horror Nights 2009 is the Vampire’s Club, where fearless guests can dance, drink and party side by side with sexy vampires and the creatures of darkness. Though one should be aware of the deadly secret behind this glamorous and seductive party…

Because this year all events of the night lead to one mysterious person. Everything is connected to a certain unknown and although his name appears all-around, he is nowhere to be seen. He is the dark power in the shadows of the Terenzi Horror Nights 2009… and he is called The Soul Collector!

The Soul Collector – portrayed by Marc Terenzi
The Soul Collector is the prince of darkness, the lord of the underworld. Unnoticed and curious he wanders among his victims to seduce, have fun and above all to collect what he desires the most: The very essence of oneself – the soul! Once the Soul Collector takes one’s soul he can turn it into anything that is a slave to him… vampires, demons and all creatures of the underworld.

The Terenzi Horror Nights 2009 are presented by “Haarfabrik”. The hair-dresser chain with a cult status in the Rhein-Main-Area invites their guests to the styling lounge inside the Vampire’s Club and offers freaky horror-hairstyles with elaborate airbrush-elements.
Another sponsor is the new lifestyle drink “Ständer”. The non-alcoholic, caffeinated fashion drink with mint flavour is available in the Vampire´s Club during the Terenzi Horror Nights.

Open on the following days:

25 September until 18 October:
every Friday till Sunday, additional night: 15 October

22 October until 1 November:
daily except 26 and 31 October

Opening hours: 7.30 pm - midnight

Age-restriction: recommended for visitors aged 16 or older

Admission prohibited for disguised visitors!
(Face must be visible)

Ticket-Hotline: +49 (0) 1805 7 88 99 7 (14 cent/min. from the German landline network, prices for mobile and international calls may differ) or get your tickets online on www.terenzihorrornights.com