Summer season 2022

Facts and Figures



Austria Themed Area               

Themed boat ride for the whole family;

➢    Completely redesigned ride on the lake;

➢    - Name Josefina's Magical Imperial Journey

➢    Romantic boat ride through a magnificent castle garden

➢    Different stations in Empress Josefina's life

➢    26 new figures, 50 tons of steel were installed

➢    MACK Media shooting of film sequences at Ludwigsburg Palace

Newly installed fountain show on a 10,500m² lake

➢    - Name 'Vienna Water Waltz'

➢    Arched water features on the lakeside at Fairytale Forest, 2/3 of the length of the lake

➢    54 fountains up to 40m high

➢    Water games accompanied by various waltz melodies

➢    Lighting with LEDs

➢    Duration 04:30 minutes

➢    Manufacturer: Aquatique Show

Newly themed 'Danube Steamer'

➢    Previous steamers have been completely revised

➢    Remodeling of the existing train station

Magic Cinema 4D                

New cinema technology with

➢    Canvas

➢    Projector

➢    Speaker

➢    Amplifier

➢    Video Audio Server

New short film 'Happy Family – Next Level 4D'

Amber Blake Coastiality    

New VR Experience for 'Amber Blake' on

Alpenexpress Coastiality

➢    Virtual jet ski ride

➢    Name „Amber Blake – The Chase“

➢    Driving time 1:40min

➢    Production by Mack Animation


Europa-Park Teatro: The Show must go on…

Globe Theatre: Abraka Shakespeare… Reloaded!

Spanish Arena: The Return of the Sultan!

Ice rink: ACE – The Adventure begins!

Italian Open-Air Stage: Becoming Nr. 1

Flamenco show: Ritmo Flamenco

Marionette show: Baila, Carmen, baila!

JUNIOR CLUB Studios: Junior Club Studios – Live!

Limerick Castle Stage: Limerick Bubbles - Bubble Show

Portugal Atlantica Stage: High Diving Show - Retorno dos Piratas (04.06.-04.09.)

New Parade

➢    Ed's Adventure Parade

➢    Three new parade floats, costumes and choreographies

Bistro Tomi Ungerer

➢    Bistro La Cigale was renamed Bistro Tomi Ungerer

➢    For the occasion of the 90th birthday of the legendary Alsatian artist

➢    Close friendship with the Mack family

➢    Exhibition of numerous drawings, books and personal memories

Rulantica Water World                   

➢    Extension of Snorri Strand with three slides: 'Snorri's Rutscheplads' (probably from May 2022)

➢    Roundabout ride 'Heligvända' from Mack Rides (from summer)

➢    Extension of Snorri Strand playground: 'Snorri's Spelaborg'

➢    New conservatory-like 'Snekkjas Vinterhage' with around 100 seats

➢    Snorri's Piknikbud gastronomical offer

➢    Extension of the outdoor area: 'Dynstrønd' Nordic sandy beach for sunseekers and sports enthusiasts (from spring)

➢    New apiary at Rulantica


➢    NEW: 'KOTA Sauna Chalet' on the outdoor terrace with rustic tables and seating

MackNeXT                            Planned books and radio plays

➢    15.02. Snorri and the Great Kelpie Race (Book, Volume 3)

➢    15.02. Snorri Audio Play Volume 3: The Great Kelpie Race + The Kidnapped Seahorses

➢    01.03. The Flying School of Adventurers - The Mask of Medusa

➢      (Book, Volume 4):

➢    01.04. Audio play for Volume 1: The Flying School of Adventurers - The Fire Tiger of Batavia

➢    15.04. Rulantica - The Fire Mountain Awakens (Book, Volume 3)


➢    New streaming platform featuring a wide variety of media within a single application

➢    Available in German, French and English

➢    More information at veejoy.de


New Full Body Tracking Free Roaming VR Experience 'Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly' (summer 2022)

➢    Based on the comic IP 'Amber Blake’ by Belgian supermodel Jade Lagardère

➢    Immersive 3D agent thriller

➢    Duration approx. 30mins

➢    from 16 years

YULLBE (external): From 24th March, YULLBE PRO adventure 'Miniatur Wunderland - The Crazy Shrunken Tour' or YULLBE GO experience 'Miniatur Wunderland - Walking in Wonderland' in Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, as well as in Rust


➢    New dimension of experience and cuisine for all of the senses

➢    Unique gourmet delights

➢    Developers are Thomas Mack and gastronomy expert Oliver Altherr

➢    Combination of media technology, innovation, ride system, cuisine and creative content

➢    Top class experience

➢    Futuristic journey into different worlds of enjoyment

➢    Gastronomic expertise from 2* Michelin chef Peter Hagen-Wiest

➢    Innovative ride system from Mack Rides

➢    Planned franchising


➢    New ECE train station 'Ringsheim/Europa-Park' with new bus stop

➢    New film in the Fairytale Forest cinema from summer: 'Fina & the Yomis'

➢    Europa-Park Stadium theming in Arena of Football

➢    New cooperation with PUMA, new store TOGETHER.FASTER. Sports Store'

➢    New ‘Saft Butikk' from granini in the Scandinavian theme area

➢    New Dallmayr tea house in the Russian themed area

➢    Conversion of all Panorama train locomotives to electric drives

➢    New 'ResortPass' with two variants:

➢    ResortPass Silver (admission to Europa-Park for one year)

➢    ResortPass Gold (admission to Europa-Park for one year and two day tickets for the Rulantica water world)

➢    New construction ‘Immer wieder sonntags’ - Arena next to the 4* superior hotel 'Krønasår'

Europa-Park Hotels:

➢    New pizza house in the Piazza of the hotel 'Colosseo'

➢    Extension of the 4* superior hotel 'Krønasår' with eleven new suites and an infinity pool (from summer)

  • The summer season promises action, fun and relaxation

  • Some novelties are also waiting for the visitors in Rulantica